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6 Things to know about cotton yarn

6 Things to know about cotton yarn

Here comes Spring, and with it the plant-based fibers so many of us love to hate.  Yesterday in the shop, Bonnie, a ten-year old new knitter, was practicing her knitting.  Her stitches were perfect, but she was struggling against her yarn. It was dishcloth cotton, which is no treat to use.  She was valiant, and persevered, but you could tell it wasn't much fun.  My goal, of course, is to create a hoard of dedicated new knitters -- I couldn't possibly sit by and watch this lovely child get frustrated and lose interest in knitting simply because she was fighting with her materials.  So I swapped her dishcloth cotton out for a soft, more loosely spun cotton.  After a couple of rows, she looked up and proclaimed it to be much easier now

That's because there's cotton, and then there's cotton.  I wrote a post about cotton several years ago which helps explain what I mean. 

Cotton yarn is different from wool, that's for sure, and cotton sometimes more

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