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Crazy for Ewe

Chris Bylsma - two days - two great classes

Chris Bylsma is coming again to Crazy for Ewe  If you’ve never had a class with Chris, you are in for a real treat!  Chris knows how to make knitting and learning fun and easy.  Her approach to designing and knitting is unconventional-she starts designs by thinking, “What do I need in my wardrobe!”  And she knits always with and eye to how to do it better and more easily.  As a result, her designs are the kind of thing you’d want to wear every day.  Let her help you unleash your creativity and knit the garment of your dreams.

Chris will be teaching two wonderful classes at Crazy for Ewe.
The first is  Stashology and Two Stash Jackets; the second is  Design in a Day.

Stashology and Two Stash Jackets

Have you ever said, “I wish I could find a good use for these bits of beautiful yarn I have,” or “I have so much yarn, I wish there were enough for a garment” or “I just love combining colors and textures; I wish I know how to do it right.”  If these sound like you, then Chris Bylsma’s Saturday class is for you.  Chris will combine her fabulous Stashology 201 class with two favorite garments using your beautiful stashed yarns.  
As Chris puts it, “an adequate supply of yarn” is nothing to be ashamed of —it’s a true art and science. You already understand “archiving” (Stash 101), now explore “retrieving”, “feeding” and “creating” from your wonderful treasure trove.  In this class, you will learn how to create one both of Chris’ two most popular stash jackets: The Crayon Box and The Symphony. 
The Crayon box uses a mitered square technique, mixing fibers and colors into a wonderful modular design.  The Symphony Jacket will teach you to let go of control and enjoy the power and beauty of random selection. 

Symphony Jacket

This is a class for those of you who want to learn to release your creative powers to combine fibers, textures, colors, and varying weights to create beautiful knitted fabric. 
Stashology and Two Stash Jackets — Leonardtown, Saturday, October 23rd 10 a.m. -4:00 p.m.    Class $110 and includes lunch.

Design in a Day

 Maybe you’re one of those knitters who say “I wish this pattern came in a larger/smaller size” or ‘I wish this pattern had a turtleneck instead of a cowl neck“ or “I wish I could knit a sweater just like this one that I saw in a magazine or imagine in my head“.  If that sounds like you, then Chris’ Sunday class, Design in a Day, is just what you wished for.  Design in a Day takes a more technical approach, in that it helps you figure out exactly what to do at each step to create the sweater of your dreams.

In this class you’ll be able to turn your idea into a functional pattern with the stitches on your needle by the end of class.  Chris will share with you her practical (perhaps unconventional) way of demystifying gauge, sizing, style, measurements, swatching, and yarn choice.  You’ll come away from the class with a personalized pattern for you and a new sense of empowerment. You will never again be hampered by the limitations of a pattern that you wish was just a bit different - you’ll be able to make it exactly as you wish.
Building on our Fit and Finish and My First Sweater classes Design in a Day is the logical next step for knitters who want to take control of their knitting. 

Whether you’re adventurous knitter or a more timid one, this class will show you how to take control of your knitting and approach any project with confidence.
Design in a Day— La Plata, Sunday, October 24th.  10 a.m. -4:00 p.m.
Class $110 and includes lunch

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Fun at the Blue Crabs Game

We had a blast at the Blue Crabs game Wednesday night.  Kyle had given us a really great deal on a space in The Legend's Club, so we had a giant private room (with our own nice clean bath), access to the full bar, great food (highly recommend the coconut shrimp) and a private balcony just over the third base line.  

We got there around 6 when the gates opened, so there was plenty of time to socialize and enjoy a few libations till the game started at 7.

Martha and Linda

Ginni and Celidh - (No, Jennifer, she's not really drinking that beer)
Deborah, Lynne, and Martha
Karen and Janet

My DH and Ginni's

Duffy & Bill, Evelyn& Dennis, and Joanne
Amy, her daughter Anna and Chris

Once the game started, though, we were all in our seats watching and knitting away.

...except Lynne was too busy heckling the other team
Pinch, the Blue Crab mascot was lots of fun and graciously agreed to be in a bunch of pictures with us
Amy gets a hug from Pinch
So does Katie
Colton and Pinch
Lynne and Pinch had quite a boogie together - Amy has a video I'll post later
the whole gang with Pinch.

This was so much fun, I think we'll make it an annual event.  The weather was gorgeous, and the Blue Crabs played well. They beat the Bridgeport Bluefish 7 to 2.   I asked my son Colton what he liked best about the evening.  "Well, winning, of course," he said.  Oh yeah!! Go Blue Crabs!
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Earth Day 2010

For Earth Day, Amy and I started out from the boat launch at Avenmar. 

Our destination was just across the water to here

It was a totally great little trip.  The wind was blowing, and it was cold, but we were dressed for the day, and by the time we got up the hill to the shop we were actually plenty warm!

In town, vendors were starting to set up around the square.  

Lynne and Martha came down for the event.  Lynne captivated folks with her spinning wheel.  You can just barely see the loom, too, in the left side of the picture.  

We had a bunch of folks in and out to browse, knit, or just say hi, during the day.  It really was a fun day.

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Fibonacci and more

Sunday afternoon we explored color sequences and how to make them more alive and interesting than just simple stripes. This was totally amazing. I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

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Finishing with Flair

Saturday we were all issued a strand of magic pink yarn for the finishing class. Amazing what the magic pink yarn can do...

but not nearly as amazing as Chris and Ginni doing the totally get's the point across, doesn't it!
All morning we sewed shoulders, seamed sides, picked up stitches, and worked buttonholes. Look how focused everyone was.

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Make it Yours

Saturday's workshop with Chris was amazing. The whole day focused on designing your own garments to fit our particular bodies and our taste. We learned all about shaping necklines, armholes, sleeve caps, and so much more.

We also got to try on different sweaters Chris had brought with her. Here's Ty in Dew Drop.

I finally got to try on this Chanel length version of Stratavarious. Love it!

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Trunk Show from Blue Sky

Just in yesterday are several gorgeous garments in the super soft Organic Cotton. They’ll be at the Leonardtown store through next Tuesday and then at the La Plata store through the following Wednesday. We have all the patterns (shown below) for the items that are in the shop. Click on the picture for more info about the pattern, but be sure to come take a look at how gorgeous they are in person.

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Only in a small town

Our little town of Leonardtown celebrates Earth Day every year on the square. After yesterday's thunderstorm and the menacing forecast for today, we feared a total washout. But it didn't rain. In fact, it was glorious. The streets were blocked off, and we had an old-fashioned festival with Celtic dancing from the Thistle Dancers, live bagpiping, and fun activities for kids.

The shop was open, and the Chesapeake Spinners brought their wheels and spun in the sunshine outside the shop. In the shop we had some regulars who came to hang out plus lots of folks who'd never been in before. It was great. Last year we didn't get much traffic, so I'd sort of figured I'd work on my Lady Eleanor, but didn't make a single stitch.  It was terrific to see everyone who came out today, and I have all of tonight to knit.

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Annie Modesitt

What a great class we had Saturday! Annie Modesitt came down from New Jersey to teach 12 of us how to make the Cocoon Jacket on the Fall Vogue Knitting cover. Here's the original garment as designed in Artyarns Supermerino

Annie is a wonderful teacher who inspired confidence in each student.

Everyone swatched up their yarn selections and learned the twisted float stitch before moving into the actual garment. We learned how and where to place the armholes, how to do a provisional bind off, and how to best pick up stitches. It was pretty quiet for this usually rowdy bunch as they concentrated on the new techniques



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