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Crazy for Ewe

Don't go to Europe before you go to Boston

Don't go to Europe before you go to Boston
“They didn’t come, Mom,“ Elizabeth managed to choke out, “they never came,” barely contained tears in her voice.” Almost 500 miles away, she’s waiting for the car I had hired to take her from the Boston airport to her rented apartment outside the city.  A car that didn’t come.  Not only had I paid them weeks in advance, I had trusted them with my firstborn’s safe passage through a strange city.  They took my money and left my sweet child all alone with no car and no friends. While Elizabeth was very  mature, having found and secured a prestigious internship after just one year of college, she was barely 18, and very much a small-town Continue reading

Snopes for knitters

Snopes for knitters

Or the top ten lies knitters tell themselves

  1. I’ll just use the needle size the designer recommends – it’ll be fine. The truth is that the designer only tells you what size he or she, or other knitters used to get the gauge in that pattern with that yarn.  You may knit very differently than the designer or the test knitters, so you always have to swatch. 
  2. My swatch is too big -- I’ll just fix that when I block it. There are a lot of ways you can manipulate your fabric when you block it, but making it smaller is not one of them. Bigger, yes. Smaller? No.continue
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