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Knit, Swirl Cover 

It's no secret that I love Sandra McIver's Knit, Swirl book and garments.  I follow her on Facebook, have a Pinterest board dedicated to her stuff, and I get her newsletter.  In the newsletter that arrived today, I was surprised and delighted to see our own Lynne's Copper Collage featured as one of Sandra's Ravelry picks!  Have a look here

 Knit, Swirl was again the top selling knitting book at TNNA and at Unicorn Books. Way to go, Sandra!

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Lace class follow-on

Lots of you have asked for the pattern that Lynn was using to make the goreous stole at the lace knitting class. It's a fairly simple pattern, based on the feather and fan, but made reversible with the addition of garter ridges. Here's the e-mail she sent with the pattern:

Please read through the ENTIRE set of instructions before you begin.

You'll need something in the neighborhood of 800 to 900 yards of yarn. Anything from laceweight to worsted can look lovely—though the heavier yarns make a snugglier wrap. I worked 17 repeats of the 17-row vertical pattern (instructions A through D, below), and did not add fringe.

The following instructions will produce the shawl I knit. If you want your wrap to be narrower, or wider, or shorter, or longer, you can change the number of 9-stitch horizontal stitch-pattern repeats, and/or the number of 17-row vertical repeats. Feel free to add fringe if you like it. You may need more or less yarn than I did if you make any of these changes.

Cast on 81 stitches. I like the cable cast-on, but use your favorite. Just be sure NOT to cast on TIGHTLY. A LOOSE cast-on is ESPECIALLY crucial for anything lacy that you're going to block. 

Work 6 rows of garter stitch (knit all stitches, all rows).
As you're working the sixth row of garter stitch, place a marker every 9 stitches. (Of course, you can put in the stitch markers any time you want. Put them in while you're casting on, if you like. That would help you keep track of how many stitches you'd cast on, without having to count and recount.)

Row 7 (Pattern Row. This is a right-side row.):
*Knit 2 together, knit 2, yarn over, knit 1, yarn over, knit 2, slip-slip-knit,** repeat from * to ** across the row (9 stitch repeat, 9 times).

Row 8:
Purl all stitches.

Work Rows 7 and 8 four more times, then work Row 7 once more (You've worked Row 7 a total of 6 times at this point.)

Work 6 rows of garter stitch.

Instructions A through D = 17 rows.

Repeat instructions A through D 16 more times.

Bind off loosely, weave in ends, and block as desired.

This shawl would be lovely in any of the new tonals we have in for fall.

Wouldn't it be a lovely baby blanket!

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June mini retreat - Lace Knitting

How much fun can you have putting holes in your knitting? Well, we had a great time finding out. See!


Backyard Leaves is an absolutely beautiful, exquisitely challenging pattern.. Check out the focus and determination on everyone's face. Jenn focuses on her chart while Duffy and Lynda examine double decreases.

Veronika contemplates her chart and

Valerie assumes an angle of repose. Can you believe she's due next month! Sexy, smart, belly-dancing knitter. You go, girl!

And Lynn - your charm, wit, patience, and know-how was a pleasure.
Thanks so much for teaching this class.

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