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Crazy for Ewe

Horndal scarf

I love this scarf. It's alternating sections of Kureyon in garter stitch and Blossom in 2x2 ribbing. I decided to do it in silk garden and blossom instead of Kureyon and Blossom. It would also be great in a mix of the Nantucket (silk-mohair boucle) and Homespun (silk-wool single ply) from Ellyn Cooper.

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Gloria Cardigan

I really love this cardigan. I finished mine some months ago, but never got a photo up on the blog. I used Karabella Aurora 8 and Kureyon, and they're just gorgeous together. I would knit another one of these because it's quick to work, and the fit is wonderful. I think I did a small, but I'd actually have to check the measurement to be sure.


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G-L-O-R-I-A Gloria


New project from Jane Ellison that I've been working on the sly. Very classic, simple shaping and

wonderful interplay of smooth merino and textured Noro. This shot is done with Silk Garden, but I can totally see this with Kureyon.

The back is done, and the fronts about halfway. I can really see this in Aurora 8 and For this version I'm using Aurora-8 and Silk Garden which has a bit of mohair and very subtle colors. I can easily see myself making several of these in assorted colors - they knit up relatively fast on an 8, and it's one of those you don't really have to think about.

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New resolution

I have enough works in progress, so, I resolved recently that I will finish one WIP before I begin a new one. Then, as if to test my will, Himalaya Yarn's recycled sari silk arrived last week. I just couldn't wait to work with it. I figured that I've almost finished the ribbed ralan sweater (size 5 needles, long sleeves, ribbing, need I say more). And this is just one teeny additional project. What the heck...

And I'm so glad I did. I've almost finished Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton's Lotorp Bag in the recycled sari silk. I LOVE this pattern. LOVE. Such a clever and elegant construction! After I finish this one in the recycled silk, I'm going to do one in Kureyon and one in Iro. This is a great bag project. How about in Transitions?

So tomorrow, I'll knit the last 10 rows on the ribbed raglan sweater and sew it up. Maybe even wear it Tuesday. We'll see. Do you think I have to sew the ends in for it to count as a finished object?

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