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Aalta Yarns Trunk Show

Aalta Yarns Trunk Show

I'm super excited about the Aalta Yarn Trunk Show this Saturday!  Christine Forester, owner of Aalta Yarns will be here to talk about the company and share with you her vision and some of her fabulous products.  You already know Aalta Truth, the delicious blend of merino and baby alpaca.  She's launching a line of Truth Hand-dyes that are just beautiful.  She'll have some on hand that will be more

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Black Friday and Small Business Saturday

Black Friday and Small Business Saturday

I cannot believe that Thanksgiving is next week.  It always sneaks up on me.  It shouldn't, but it does.  Good think I already planned had lots of fun stuff back when November seemed way in the future.  We'll be open closing at 2:30 on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) but be sure to join us that day for special deals on lots of fun new things like these wrist rulers

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Tahki Stacy Charles Weekly Blast

Tahki Stacy Charles Weekly Blast

Hey, did you see the weekly blast from Tahki Stacy Charles?  In case you missed it this week, here's a link to it.  I was so honored when Stacy asked Crazy for Ewe to participate! The garments this week are all worked in the cotton/linen blend yarn, Aruba.  The featured project is the Centerpoint Cropped Poncho which is right in line with my thoughts in this week's newsletter about fabulous fibers and simple shapes.  

If you're not getting the Tahki Stacy Charles weekly blast delivered, sign up for it here on their website.  They usually showcase one of their stylish  patterns and look at a fashion trend that inspired it.  This week they look at cropped tops and how you can access the trend whether you want to bare skin or not.  I'm in the "not" crowd, but a wide, cropped shape can be very flattering on a wide variety of shapes.  Take a look at the Centerpoint Cropped Poncho to see what I mean.  

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Cotton Lustre is on sale!

Cotton Lustre is on sale!

I love Cotton Lustre -- it's one of those fibers that looks even better in the knitted fabric than it does in the skein.  Last season we all fell in love with the Misaka Cardigan

Mary did a class on it, and it came out great!

Rowan Misaka Cardigan in Cotton Lustre

Great shape, great styling, and such a feel. The swatch of it lay on the table all summer, and everyone petted and drooled over it.  Just gorgeous. Very smooshy with lovely drape.  Amazing.   

I'd succumbed to Cotton Lustre's charms and chose it for my Custom Fit tank.  It was so nice to work with, and it's delicious against my skin.  Silky soft and really comfortable.  Also worth noting, since this is a next-to-the-skin garment, Cotton Lustre is happily machine washed and dried.  Just one more reason to love it.


I'm cold most all the time, so I've been thinking about a wrap to go with my tank.  This one is just spectacular and so easy! 


Color blocks are super popular, and this wrap is a great way to get look.  Stylish but not too trendy, it's an easy knit and a versatile third layer you'll reach for again and again.  The sample garment just happens to go with my tank, but we've put together several beautiful color combinations you'll love. 

You'll find out in the newsletter tomorrow morning, but I know you can keep a secret, so, I can tell you Cotton Lustre is on sale!  Save 20% tomorrow through Saturday, April 23rd.  If you hurry, there will be enough for a Misaka Cardigan, or maybe one of my other favorites from the Cotton Lustre book.

Cotton Lustre patterns

But don't wait - how sad would you be if your favorite color was all sold out?    

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Also on day 1 at TNNA

One very cool thing I didn't tell you about that we did on Saturday was visit Prism Yarns.  Prism has an absolutely dazzling booth full of color and texture and sparkle.  Prism is about luxury and color.  Owner, Laura Bryant is a talented studio artist as well as fiber artist.  Her understanding of color value, proportion, and balance mean that she's one of the very few fiber artists who can create a beautiful yarn that's wildly multicolored but not the least bit garish.  Here are just a few of her gorgeous colors.


Prism has so many yarns and colors that it can be overwhelming -- even to us.  Laura graciously offered to send us a trunk show with the samples we most coveted and the yarns to make them.  I am just thrilled to have the opportunity to share these yarns with you, especially in the context of the garments and accessories you can create with them.  Look for that this November First Friday - in time to do something beautiful and glamorous for the holidays.  Mark your calendar for Friday, November 6th, because this is a trunk show you do not want to miss.


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Summer Breeze for Mother's Day

It's Mother's Day this weekend - have you picked out something special for your mom?  Or maybe you'd like to make gift giving easy on your kids.   Either way, we have a terrific idea for a great gift - or a nice treat for yourself -- the Summer Breezes Wrap Kit designed by Ginni Stein. 

Summer Breezes has a great fabric that uses two yarns, each with a subtle color shift,to create a fabric that has movement and energy.

The wrap is light and airy, but the yarns' earthy textures keep it grounded and not overly delicate.  Long fringe gives it a playful finish. 

Worked on a size 8 needle Summer Breezes is a snap to knit.  The fabric is mainly stockinette, but Ginni has cleverly written the pattern so you never have to purl!

We've put together three colorways for Chocolate Strawberry, Mango, and Pistachio.  Come choose your favorite and surprise Mom with a lovely new project - or just share this post with someone you wish would get one for you!  Kit is $49 with pattern. 

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Eucalan for Earth Day

Spring is my favorite time of year. I've spent this beautiful day in the shop with the doors flung wide. It's amazing how many folks wander in when the doors are open. This weather means that it's finally time to stow winter woolens. But before you do, please don't forget to wash your sweaters, scarves, and hats carefully before you put them away so there are no tiny holes or dark spots when you pull them out in the fall.

I've written about cleaning and storing sweaters many time before -- it's a topic that is near and dear to my heart. Your hand knit garments are precious, and they deserve to be cleaned and stored with love and care. It's easy to do, when you have the right tools. The right tools are simple - your handy washing machine or sink and lovely Eucalan.

We're celebrating Earth Day tomorrow on The Square, so it's a perfect time to get on my soap box (pardon the pun) about Eucalan. There are so many reasons to love this product! First, it works, and it's super easy to use. Eucalan is a gentle, pH balanced, biodegradable wash never ever tested on animals.  Specially formulated for natural fibers, it also works beautifully on any delicate or handwash items.  The lanolin content helps soften and condition the precious natural fibers in your garments and keeps hand-knits silky and static free. It also provides an invisible natural coating that makes garments better able to repel dirt when you wear them. Less dirt means less washing, which means less water used, which is good for the environment.

Another benefit of Eucalan, for both you and our planet is that Eucalan does not need to be rinsed out, thus saving a load of water. For knitters, skipping the rinse means that we handle our delicate knitted garments less. As we know from our blocking lessons, fibers are at their most vulnerable when they're wet, so we want to handle sopping sweaters as little as possible. Commercial detergents like Woolite foam up briskly (to show you how hard they're working) but you've got to rinse out all those sticky suds. It can take several rinses. With Eucalan, it's a one and done. In your machine, just soak and spin. In the sink just soak and squeeze. Don't you wish everything was this easy to keep clean!

Come by the shop during our Earth Day celebration and pick up a fresh bottle of Eucalan because you and your garments deserve it.

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September First Friday

The newsletter this week focused primarily on the Chris Bylsma classes this weekend, but I didn't want you to think that we'd forgotten about First Friday.  We have a fabulous featured project for First Friday this month that will add a little kick of your fall wardrobe.


2013-09-03 09.33.15 

Fur accents are elegant and chic - they make everything look a little luxe - modern faux furs and fur yarn give the same effect without the cost or the guilt.  September's First Friday project is Mary's beautiful Plume Cowl worked in Manos Silk  Blend and trimmed with Plume, a luxurious silky soft yarn that looks like real fur, but is totally guilt-free.  We have Plume Cowl kits in four gorgeous colors.  The cowl is a terrific accessory and makes a great gift.  You might want to pick up an extra kit for a knitting friend on your holiday list.

Stop by First Friday and see the sample and pick your favorites.

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