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Crazy for Ewe

Maybe a Moebius

Beautiful Colinette Giotto arrived earlier this month.  Such happiness!  Shimmery cotton ribbon hand-dyed as only Colinette can. Oh my goodness.  We'd barely gotten it into baskets when Mary showed up with this cute cowl.  A perfect summer thing - beautiful colors, mindless stitching, and fun fringe to really show off the yarn.  Of course you can leave the fringe off you prefer a sleeker look.

This is a true moebius which means you need to do a moebius cast on, but don't worry, Mary has graciously offered to show everyone how next Thursday afternoon from 4 to 5 p.m. 

Come choose your color and get started on a quick summer fling - just one skein!  Bring or buy 40" size 11 needles.  

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ZickZack party

Mary is zipping through her ZickZack.  You know how some projects plod along?  Not this one - it's totally addictive.  Ever-changing colors and unpredictable combinations make it fun and exciting to knit.  Even if you use the same two colorways, no two ZickZacks will be the same because each set of skeins interacts differently.  It's small enough to be a purse project -- whip it out and knit a few rows whenever you're sitting and waiting. The pattern is super easy.  Two rows and you've got it memorized.  Mille Colori Baby is beautifully soft and feels so good in your hands you just want to knit and knit!  

The stitch pattern is completely reversible, so it's beautiful on both sides.  It's easy to modify too -  make it skinnier or wider in multiples of 12 stitches.  You could even make an amazing baby blanket, because Mille Colori Baby is machine washable!  Gotta love that too. 

Join us this Thursday at 4 p.m. for a ZickZack Knitalong kick-off party because you'll love ZickZack.  

More details.

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TNNA 2015 Day 2

I can't believe it's been a week since we were in Ohio!  So much to tell you and so little time to write it all down!  So, Sunday, we started the day with a private appointment with beautiful Christine at the Tahki Stacy Charles booth.  It felt so special to be in the showroom before the doors opened.  Ginni and Mary and I started in by trying on all their glamorous samples!  Of course, the sparkly ones caught our attention first. 

Ginni in sparkly bolero

There were so many, and of course, we had to try them all!  There are lots of pictures from that morning - and throughout the day.  I've posted a few of them all in Dropbox as well as a few on Instagram, in case you want to see us having fun and being silly.

There are two sweaters that we all fell in love with, and I do want to share those with you.  First is this gorgeous cabled pullover.  

It's made of Lena, a heavy worsted weight yarn, but because of the way Lena's spun, 200 yards feels like nothing at all.  I have a skein of it at the shop for you to feel.  Totally gorgeous.  We bought it in all the colors.  The sample is a size small, of course, but we were all happy with the shape and styling.  The open work makes it very accommodating.  I will probably knit the next size up, and make it a smidge longer for a casual and comfortable look. 

We bought lots of fun sparkly yarns too - they happen to coordinate beautifully with the Lena, so I am imagining a few fun ways to work them together.

Another yarn we bought was a beautiful wool and cotton blend for this g.  It's so cozy - perfect for transitional weather.  We all loved the modern look of this sample pullover that's slightly longer in back. 

We ended up spending much longer than our allotted appointment time, but it was worth it.  I can't wait to show you everything we got for you.

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Also on day 1 at TNNA

One very cool thing I didn't tell you about that we did on Saturday was visit Prism Yarns.  Prism has an absolutely dazzling booth full of color and texture and sparkle.  Prism is about luxury and color.  Owner, Laura Bryant is a talented studio artist as well as fiber artist.  Her understanding of color value, proportion, and balance mean that she's one of the very few fiber artists who can create a beautiful yarn that's wildly multicolored but not the least bit garish.  Here are just a few of her gorgeous colors.


Prism has so many yarns and colors that it can be overwhelming -- even to us.  Laura graciously offered to send us a trunk show with the samples we most coveted and the yarns to make them.  I am just thrilled to have the opportunity to share these yarns with you, especially in the context of the garments and accessories you can create with them.  Look for that this November First Friday - in time to do something beautiful and glamorous for the holidays.  Mark your calendar for Friday, November 6th, because this is a trunk show you do not want to miss.


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Cotton Lustre

We had a lovely new customer in the other day. She decided to use Rowan's new Cotton Lustre for an Up and Down Tee. Mary is hard at work on a sweater in this yarn, so I have not taken the time to swatch it, since Mary will be knit her sweater up in about 2 days. Not really, but she is a fast knitter. Here's a peek at what she's knitting.

Anyway, this customer asked what the yarn looked like worked up, and I didn't have a swatch. So I cast on some stitches real quick and knit up a little swatch. Wow. It is SO nice to work with. Really soft. Like your favorite tee shirt soft. Great bounce too. Cotton Lustre has this beautiful resiliance, which means that it isn't going to sag and be all out of shape.

The gauge on the ball band is 17 stitches per 4 inches, and it can easily go to 16 and probably 15 with no trouble at all. It's not going to go much tighter, though. If you try to force it into 18 or 20 stitches in 4 inches, you're wasting your time. I'm good with the gauge, because in the summer we like nice quick knits, and 16 stitches is going to work up fast fast fast. Unlike other summer yarns at this relatively chunky gauge, Cotton Lustre's construction makes it light and cool against you skin. There is a beautiful pattern book especially for Cotton Lustre with 13 designs by Sarah Hatton.

I love the one Mary is doing, of course, but I also love this simple drape-front cardigan which is so modern and flattering

This one is exactly what I want to put on and wear every day of my life. It just looks so comfortable for me. I run a little bit cold, and having longer sleeves is perfect for my over-air-conditioned world.

And this one is perfect for when it actually is hot and you're going to be out in the thick of it. So cool  and comfortable.


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Cashmere - it's soooo good

There are plenty of yarn vendors in the world - a simple stroll around TNNA will show you that.  So, choosing what yarns to carry in the shop can be a challenge.  But life is short, and I decided a while back that I only want to work with nice people, companies with positive and constructive approach to life and business.  I especially like companies that are socially conscious and work hard to bring about positive change in the world.  Sounds like a big task, but there are such companies - Manos del Uruguay, for instance, which supports a small woman's cooperative in South America.  I've just recently come across another such company, From the Mountain that offers a lovely cashmere handspun by women in rural Afghanistan.  Decades of war have left many of these women as head of household, and spinning is a socially acceptable way for them to earn a living while they also care for their families.  The women are paid a more than fair wage for their yarn, and my goodness, what a yarn it is! Beautifully soft and lightly textured, this cashmere comes in four natural shades.  It's in stock at both shops, but supplies are limited.

handspun-cashmere-dark-brown handspun-cashmere-gray handspun-cashmere-light-brown handspun-cashmere-white
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Debbie Bliss Pure Cashmere

The pure cashmere that I almost didn't order is here. Yes, that's right, I almost didn't order this beautiful yarn until I told Kathy about it. She said, "What??? $16 a skein for pure cashmere, and you didn't get it? Are you insane?". So we made a little visit to the Debbie Bliss booth at TNNA, and ordered two bags in every color. We met the wonderful Ms. Bliss herself, and saw the sample garments - even more beautiful than the pictures show. Here are a few of the colors. Fabulous stuff this.

And red, yes a stunning red. There are two great neutrals as well.

And here are a few of the fabulous projects you can make with just a few skeins. Something sweet for a little sweetie you know

Or something fabulous for yourself or a REALLY special friend - three skeins each (you can give you mom or sister a handknit cashmere scarf for under $50. And on size 7 needles, it wouldn't take you till December to finish it either...

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