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First day of summer, and so much is happening already! The Andrea Shawl class starts this week.  Andrea is a gorgeous project you'll love wearing, and you'll learn a ton of skills and techniques.  Can you learn techniques and skills independent of a project?  Absolutely.  However, you retain the techniques much better when you learn them in the context of a project because you see not just how, but why you do a particular thing a particular way.  This type of learning gives you greater skills overall and allows you to better apply those skills in the broader context of your knitting.

Techniques like picking up stitches, creating paired increases and decreases, and working yarnovers in a changing stitch pattern make so much more sense when you see how to apply then to join fabric or create a motif.  You'll understand the difference between picking up stitches under the selvedge, or along the front or back, and why it matters.  You'll learn these things, but more importantly, you'll remember them and be able to use them in the future.  Sign up , because you don't want to miss this class.

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