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August 03, 2015 3 min read

Join us for two beautiful Trunk Shows this week.  First is the show from Hunter Hammersen featuring several Curls from her book by the same name, as well as a few treasures from her Curiosity Cabinet series.  The second trunk show is a beautifully complimentary trunks show featuring the fun and colorful shawl pins of Bonnie Bishoff.  The Curls are a perfect backdrop for the shawl pins, and the pins are a perfect accent for a curl.  It's a match made in heaven, and I'm super excited to bring them both to you! 

Hunter Hammersen's Curl book started out as what she refers to as "a pile of swatches and a stack of scribbled notes"  As she knit, she played with increases and let the stitch pattern do what it would do.  And what it did was curl into a lovely shape she could wear a bunch of different ways.  She was totally infatuated with her creation, and so am I.  There are many reasons to love Curls, but here are my top 6.

      1. Versatile and flattering fit - Curls are beautiful a beautiful shape that sits effortlessly over your shoulders and fits all the curves of your body.  Because there's a wide end and a narrow end, you can wear it lots of different ways.  Wrap it around your shoulders and secure it with a shawl pin.  Toss the wide end to the back and let the narrow end fall into a graceful spiral in front.  Put the narrow end around your neck and let the wide end drape to the side and front.  Here are a couple of photos to show you what I mean, but your best bet is to come to the trunk show and try it yourself.

      1. Pleasing growth  There's something very organic about the way a Curl grows as you knit.  It's got the feel of the golden ratio.  It's probably not, but you know what I mean.  The increases follow a natural rhythm in a very pleasing and proportional way. 
      2. Freedom -- While Hunter tells you what yarn she used for each Curl in the book, those are just suggestions.  You can choose whatever yarn you like and knit a curl at whatever gauge you like.  There's this feeling of freedom to choose and play.  That freedom makes Curls a great way to play with a single skein of something luxurious and special. 
      3. Learning - A Curl is a new and different kind of modular construction.  It takes a minute to wrap your head around what's happening as you knit a curl, and that figuring out stage is really fun. It's good for you too.  Your brain needs just this kind of exercise to keep growing and functioning at its peak. 
      4. Mindfulness - Once you get it sorted out, the rhythm of the knitting is very soothing.  Not boring, but not taxing.  Each repeat becomes a kind of mantra, and you can take pleasure and satisfaction in the completion of each one. 
      5. You're done.  With a Curl, you decide when it's finished.  You might want a tiny scarf just to tuck into the neck of a jacket or you might want something huge and cozy to wear instead of a coat.  Either way, or anywhere in between, a Curl has got you covered (as it were).  Just get started and knit until your Curl is the size you want it to be. 


Come see the Curls we have in house for First Friday, as well as the beautiful projects from Hunter's other collections.  Pick a luxurious yarn you want to play with, and we'll get you started on your very first Curl.  Join us, because this is a great event and a free class you don't want to miss. 

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