Knitting your Custom Fit Sweater

August 11, 2015 2 min read

Sad to say, summer's almost over and everyone's back to school.  You may not have school aged kids, but regardless there's this feeling of getting back into the groove after a long and lazy summer.  We've planned some great classes and projects for you that will build your skills and light up your knitting. 

You already know about the Custom Fit program.  Many knitters are already on board because they've knit lots of sweaters and are excited about having patterns that are already tailored to fit them exactly.  But I've also heard from newer knitters who would like to do the Custom Fit program, but you've never knit a sweater before.  That's totally okay!  We get it.  That's why we're offering a class for anyone who would like some security, guidance, and support through the knitting of your Custom Fit sweater.  Are you obligated to do the class when you get a Custom Fit sweater?  Of course not!  However, if you are a newer knitter, there may be some techniques that are unfamiliar to you.  This class is for you. You may also be someone (like me) who finds that the structure of a class helps keep you on track.  There's nothing like a specified goal or deadline to keep you focused!  Or you may simply enjoy the camaraderie of the class. 

We've found that most knitters can finish a sweater in around 6 weeks, if they work on it steadily, and have deadlines (which is a key piece of the class).  So our Custom Fit classes will meet weekly for 6 weeks, beginning August 25th.  You can sign up for six sessions and come every week, or you can sign up for three sessions and come every other week.  Either way, you'll learn a lot, and most importantly, you'll get your sweater done.  All the way done. So you can wear it.  In season.  Isn't that why we knit sweaters anyway? 

If you want to do the Custom Fit Sweater class but you haven't yet had a chance to do one of the workshops, you can opt for a private fitting and swatching session so you'll be ready to jump right in on your first class.  Email me or call the shop to schedule a private session. Whwat are you waiting for?  Sign up now and be part of the fun!  

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