• Slight Change for First Friday
  • Ellen Lewis
Slight Change for First Friday

It's First Friday this week - our first one in the new space, and I'm excited to welcome you all here.  I had originally planned to have the Prism Trunk Show First Friday, but since this is such a big event, I've decided to give the Trunk Show its own weekend rather than combine it with First Friday.  Waiting is hard, so here's a little consolation prize for your patience.

This First Friday we'll be having a **special on this year's interchangeable needle sets**. You know my heart beats true for the Addi Turbo Click set with its wide size range, smooth joins and sleek finish. But lately, you know, we've all been smitten with the ChiaoGoo Red Cord Lace needles. Crafted from surgical quality stainless steel, with stiletto tips and that fabulous red cord (what is in that thing, anyway?) these needles are lust-worthy. Since all of my in-the-round knitting is now done on two circulars, I have no problem justifying a second interchangeable set. It's a perfect complement to my Addi set not only because it gives me an extra set of the needle sizes I use most, but also because it gives me a few sizes that don't come in the Addi Sets. The standard Addi Click sets start at US size 4, but the ChiaoGoo set starts at US size 2. The Addi Rockets and Natura's include tips up to size 11, while the ChiaoGoo set tips go up to US size 15. We have are fully stocked in the Small Set (US size 2 to US size 8) and the Large Set (US size 9 to US size 15) and the Complete Set (US size 2 to US size 15).

The ChiaoGoo is a great addition to your tool kit, and you don't need to feel guilty or disloyal to your other interchangeable set. I think about this, I really do.

If you're a sock knitter, or you just like teeny tiny stuff, you'll be pretty excited to know that we also have the **ChiaoGoo Mini Interchangeable set**. A set of 5 interchangeable tips 1.5 mm to 2.5 mm. (That's US size 000 to US size 1.5 in case you were wondering). For sock knitter, this set is a dream come true -- just ask Jenny May how jazzed she is about it!

So, come by this Friday - see the new space, and take a few minutes to try out all the interchangeable needle options. If you decide on a set, you'll save 15% - that's about $30 on a complete set of the ChiaoGoo Interchangeables or 10% off any Addi Interchangeable set.

We have a lovely project for December First Friday too -- the beautiful Boo Knits designs, Promise Me. If you knit Sweet Dreams, you already have this pattern, and you'll love working it. Use one skein for a shawlette, or two skeins for a generous wrap. So gorgeous, and a perfect excuse to get those pointy needles working right away!  I look forward to seeing you First Friday and at the Prism Trunk Show next week!  You are always welcome here.

  • Ellen Lewis

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