• Stranger in a strange land
  • Ellen Lewis
Stranger in a strange land

I'm excited to go to California this summer to see my daughter, Elizabeth. Although I lived there for several years in the late 80s, so much has changed that I am like a stranger in a strange land. Even if you think you know a place pretty well, you can miss out on the best an area has to offer, simply because you don't know about it. Maybe it wasn't there on your earlier visits. Maybe it just didn't make it to your must-see list. Generally, the special and interesting things I like to do are not in the tour books because they're not touristy. Fortunately, Elizabeth is a very much engaged in the area and is planning a visit we will both enjoy.

Knitting a sweater is a lot like traveling. It can be a wonderful journey if you have a great guide and sympatico companions. If not, it can be more like traveling alone to a strange place where you don't speak the language. There is always a pattern, and the internet is full of knitting guidance, but there are still opportunities for confusion and misunderstandings. Whether this is your first sweater or your 10th sweater, if you're not familiar with the territory, it's helpful to have a friendly experienced guide along to make sure everything goes smoothly. Even if you're a seasoned traveler, a good guide makes sure you don't miss out on the many special non-touristy sights an area has to offer. Traveling, and knitting, are both much more fun when you can share the experience with others too. That's what this class is about.

Let us be your guide as you and your traveling companions knit this beautiful cardigan. In this 6-week class we'll go on a wonderful journey together through gauge and fit, shaping and seaming; borders, button bands, and more. You'll learn some of the special tricks that will make this sweater look more professional than you could ever imagine, even if it's your first one. We'll set goals and have homework to keep you on track, and you'll see that it's absolutely possible to knit a beautiful sweater in just 6 weeks.
Don't miss this fun adventure!

Saturday afternoons from 1-3 beginning April 1st.
$120. Yarn is not included in class price, however, students will receive 10% discount on yarn purchased for this class

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  • Ellen Lewis

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