Custom Fit Sweater in 6 weeks

In this 6-session class you'll knit a beautiful Custom Fit Sweater from beginning to end. This class will take you through every aspect of your first (or second, or hundredth) sweater, and you'll feel the joy of knitting a sweater you love that fits you perfectly. Choose any Custom Fit sweater you like from those shown here.  

This is a perfect "my first sweater" class, but more experienced knitters will enjoy the class as well and will likely learn quite a bit.  With the guidance of this class your sweater will be perfect from cast-on to woven-in ends.  Milestones and homework will keep you on track so you can complete an entire sweater during the course of this class.  

Six Sunday afternoons (4:30pm Eastern time) starting May 15h

Registration for this class is limited and closes April 21st so you can swatch and get your measurements, and we can generate your Custom Fit patterns for you by the start of the class.  

This class will be conducted via Zoom, so you can join from wherever you are. Additionally, all sessions will be recorded so if you miss one, you can catch it later. All sessions will be available for you to watch at any time during the course of the class.