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Vintage Afghan Kit V3
Vintage Afghan Kit V3
Vintage Afghan Kit V2
Vintage Afghan Kit V3
Vintage Afghan Kit V4
Vintage Afghan Kit V5
Comfort Afghan Kit C1
Comfort Afghan Kit C2
Comfort Afghan Kit C3
Comfort Afghan Kit C4
Comfort Afghan Kit C5

Berroco Afghan Kit


The wonderful folks at Berroco have put together a perfect Quarantine project for those of you who want to use this time to build some skills, challenge your brain, or just create a lovely afghan.  Designed by the inimitable Norah Gaughan, this afghan
 features 20 unique cabled and texture squares.  We have kits in beautifully coordinated colors in both Berroco Vintage, a luxurious wool blend, and Berroco Comfort, a snuggly soft blend of acrylic and nylon.  

Choose your colors, and download the pattern free here.