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Beginning Socks -- Toe Up

Knitting socks from the toe up has lots of benefits.  We like it because we can use every speck of beautiful yarn without fear of running out. For those of you who hate grafting, toe up means never having to say kitchner stitch.  

If you've only every worked socks from the cuff down, this is where your toe-up sock journey begins. Using worsted weight yarn and two circular needles, Jenny will show you everything you need to know.  From that special toe-up cast on through the gusset and heel and up to a beautifully stretchy bind off.  You'll complete a beautiful pair of socks from toe to cuff, and really understand what's happening throughout.  All those fiddly parts are so much simpler when Jenny takes you though the process.  Everything's a little easier and at this gauge, not to mention faster.  After this class, you'll be ready for other, more advanced classes that feature finer gauge yarns, fancy stitch patterns, and lots of different techniques.  The sky's the limit, but for success with all that, give yourself a good foundation and get started with toe-up socks here.

You can work your socks two at a time or one at a time. Jenny will show you both ways.

This three-session class meets every week starting Saturday, October 9   10am-12pm

Skills needed:

Casting on
Knitting in the round
Basic increases