Beginning Knitting

Beginning Knitting I:  In this first session you'll learn to cast on, work the basic knit and purl stitches, join a new ball of yarn, bind off, and weave in your ends.  You'll gain a thorough understanding of the stitches your using and the fabric you can create with just those two stitches.  The project is a lovely scarf in a fun pattern stitch.

Beginning Knitting II: Now that you know how to knit and purl, you'll learn ways to manipulate the basic stitches to create ribbing and other stitch patterns.  You'll learn a second cast on method, how to shape your fabric with increases and decreases, and how to make a perfect seam.  The project is an attractive hat.

Beginning Knitting III:  Build on your skills and increase your confidence with a larger project.  Learn another increase method, two new decreases, how to pick up stitches, and the basics of blocking.  The project is a fun wrap.

Beginning Knitting IV:  In this session, you'll make your first garment!  You'll learn how to read a garment pattern, how to choose which size to make, how to make and measure a gauge swatch, how to make a shoulder seam, and much more.