Hooray - You're in!

Hooray! I'm so glad you're here!  You're crazy for yarn - we're crazy for Ewe.  It's all about you and your projects and your knitting, wherever you are on your knitting journey! 

Have you ever walked into a party and not known anyone?  Not sure you belong? Then some friendly person comes up and introduces you to everyone, and pretty soon you're having a great time? I'll be sending you some welcome emails over the next few days with info on who we are and how you can connect with our friendly helpful team at the shop and with our awesome community of knitters in person and online. 

We'll share stuff about ourselves (I'm Ellen) and what we like to knit.  I hope you'll share with us what kinds of beautiful things you like to knit. Then we can be friends and create beautiful things together! 

Thank you again for joining us.  This is where you belong, and you are always welcome here.