Spring Fling 2017

Spring Fling -- a happy, fun shopping event throughout Leonardtown - think Small Business Saturday, only much better weather. 

After several false starts, I think warm weather is here to stay.  Throw open the doors and let the fresh air in!  While you're busy with all that spring cleaning, don't forget to give your fine winter knits a nice end of season bath.  Not only will it ensure things are fresh and lovely next fall, it will deter critters from making a meal of your precious fibers.  I'm a fan of no-rinse, no-nonsense Eucalan, in the Pink Grapefruit scent.  You might also like Soak, another lovely options I'm bringing in for Spring Fling with lots of fresh fun fragrances.  Wash your woolens, and your delicates the easy way that's ph-balanced and phosphate-free.  Everything will look and feel so clean and fresh!   

Talking about clean and fresh, when's the last time you cleaned out your knitting bag?  Are you still carrying around granola bar wrappers and grocery store receipts in there? Take everything out and give it a shake.  You coulc even want to treat yourself to a beautiful new springtime bag from Atenti.  You'll love the relaxed new shape of their Cadette knitting bags in beautiful spring fabrics.  The Cadette has lots of pockets and a lovely long strap so you can carry your knitting comfortably, and with style.  Makes a great Mother's Day gift to yourself.  You've totally earned it, and they'll be happy to have gotten you just what you want! 

Atenti Cadette

Are your projects getting tangled in your bag?  A smooth project bag for each is the way to keep your strands in place.  Della-Q's project bags have a drawstring to keep everything secure.  I'm kinda partial to Atenti's new Fortune Cookie bags for my active WIPs.  So cute!  

I'm very excited to be launching two new related product lines at Crazy for Ewe - Papyrus and Paperblanks.  You've probably seen Papyrus stores at the mall, and I'm honored to have been accepted as a retailer for their exquisite greeting cards and boxed notes. 

A beautifully boxed set of note cards is a great gift for a friend, or a nice way to treat yourself.  Who doesn't love having beautiful paper products for sending thoughtful notes?  In this day and age when invitations and thank you notes are often emails, a hand-written note is a special treasure - like hand knit socks and sweaters.  Elegantly designed and stylishly embellished, a Papyrus card is a gift in itself. 

I'm super excited to be carrying lovely Paperblank Journals in the shop.  Paperblank Journals are what I call useful art.  Exquisitely crafted from quality paper with cover designs inspired by Japanese Kimono, Oriental rugs, and botanical prints, these journals elevate your every scribbling. 

You might keep a knitting journal to record each project with a scrap of the yarn and its label.  You might note how many skeins you bought and what changes you made or what techniques you're using.  You can use it to track your rows and address those pesky "at the same time" instructions.  You can date each entry and remind yourself what row you're on when you put down your project -- especially helpful if you have more than one project going. 

I carry a journal all the time.   I write down things I want to remember, things I'm worried about, and things I have to do.  I write down how I'm feeling and what I'm afraid of.  Somehow, when I put it all on paper, I feel calmer, and I can make better sense of everything.  Those fifty million thoughts both great and small are all there in one beautiful book, not scraps of paper to be crumpled and lost.  Choose the size that suits you best, whether it's the roomy Ultra (my favorite), purse-sized mini, or something in between.

We'll also have a trunk show from Zen Yarn Garden as well as  yarn tastings all day.  You'll be entered to win a spot in our next Custom Fit class, just for visiting, so mark your calendar and come to Leonardtown, Saturday, May 13th! 10-5 - See you then!