Reading your knitting and fixing your mistakes-pre sale

Knitting is fun and relaxing.  Except when it isn't - like when you don't know where you are or what you've done.  Or when you make a mistake and think you have to rip the whole thing out and start again.  In this class you'll learn that you don't always have to rip it out and start again.  You'll learn how to see what you've done, what the mistake is, and most importantly, how to fix it your knitting without ripping it all out.  That's exactly what you need, isn't it!   

In this class you'll learn how to identify and correct the most common mistakes in your knitted fabric. You'll learn the simple fixes for knitting woes - like when your needle falls of your knitting, or you have a dropped stitch, or you need to unknit a few stitches or rows.  You'll learn how to turn knit stitches into purl stitches several rows down, how to create an increase or decrease you missed a few rows back as well as some of the more complicated tricks that are nice to have up your sleeve! 

This class will increase your knitting confidence and make knitting less stressful and more fun.  A perfect next step for newer knitters, or anyone looking to hone their knitting skills and feel more empowered.