Hokitika (Blackberry Cables) Hat class

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Learn to knit cables and blackberry (trinity) stitch this hat class

Create a beautiful hat as you learn to knit cables, bramble stitch, and learn how different stitch patterns in the round and flat can be! Sign up early so you can complete the pre-class homework and get started on your hat during class, or learn the stitch pattern during class and get started afterwards.

In This Class You Will Learn:

  • Cable knitting
  • Bramble stitch (trinity stitch)
  • Stitch patterns in the round and flat
  • Working in the round on two circular needles

For success in this class you must be comfortable with:

  • casting on
  • knitting
  • purling

Order your kit here. You will have enough yarn and pompoms to make two complete hats.  One for you, and one for a friend!

Saturday, April 15th, 10am - 12 pm