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Brioche Hat Knitalong

Brioche Hat Knitalong



Brioche is everywhere, and no wonder - it's soft, stretchy, and dowright squooshy -- and worked in two colors, it seems almost magical.  Ginni introduced the basics of brioche last year, and this fun knitalong is for knitters who want to take the next step with brioche.  You'll begin with a basic in-the-round brioche, but because it's a hat, you'll be decreasing - not that hard, but a little tricky, so the comfort ant security of a knitalong is perfect. 

Kickoff is Saturday, January 26th at 10:30 am.  Ginni will get you started and go over the decrease technique you'll need as you get to the crown shaping.  Join us Friday afternoons at 1 pm to knit your beautiful brioche hat with Ginni.

Download the free pattern here.  We'll be using Manos Alegria Grande in two colors for the brioche hat.  Knitalong is free with purchase of Alegria Grande for this project.