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Finishing Workshop

Finishing Workshop



Good finishing is the difference between a fine, hand-tailored sweater that makes people ask, "Wow, where did you get that sweater?" and one that makes them smile indulgently and say, "I see you've just taken up knitting."  The Devil is in the details, to be sure!  

Good finishing is not hard, but it is a skill you have to learn.  Part art, part science, the only way to learn it is to do it again and again under careful supervision.  I wish it were as simple as watching a YouTube video, but it's not.  In this workshop, I'll be right by your side as you work through the process.  You'll have my full, undivided time and attention to help you through the process. I'll show you, then I'll watch you, ensuring everything is correct: seaming shoulders, setting in sleeves, and picking up stitches, everything.  

You put so much time and effort in your knitting, don't let yourself and your garment down with poor finishing.  Empower yourself with the skill you need to give your knitted garments the finishing they deserve.

Take advantage of this regularly scheduled workshop to work through the whole finishing process.