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Interchangeable Needle Expo

Interchangeable Needle Expo



Test drive them all!

Thinking about a set of interchangeable needles? Good plan! Interchangeable needles are probably the best investment you can make in your knitting.  You always have just what you need, right with you, in a tidy little case.  And like all good investments, an interchangeable set saves you money in the long run.

There are lots and lots of options. Here at the shop we carry three different brands and up to 5 different styles each.  So many choices can be a little overwhelming, so we're having an Interchangeable Needle Expo where you can try out each style. See which connection you prefer - which material you like best, and so on. I'll be on hand to explain the differences and the benefits of each.  You can see how they join, how they feel in your hands, and how they work with the kinds of yarn you knit most.  It's going to be a fun day and a great learning experience.

Already have a set of interchangeables? You should still come. Many of us have several sets, because different yarns -‑and different techniques‑‑ need different needles.  Sometimes you want a super slick needle, or a super pointy needle. Or a short tip, or more drag. Or maybe you need another set because you just do.

Purchase a set that day, we'll apply your registration fee to the purchase price. It's a win-win!