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Mindfulness retreat

Mindfulness retreat



Join us for a wonderful, refreshing retreat with yoga instructor, Mary Ellen Steveling.  This is a day for you.  It is a day to learn about and practice mindfulness, awareness, and gratitude through yoga, knitting, and journaling.  While knitting was touted some years back as the new yoga. I think that's perhaps pushing it a bit, but knitting, yoga, and journaling are definitely linked.  Yoga is an ancient practice widely recognized for its ability to soothe and create a sensation of peace.  Knitting has much the same ability to create calm, put you in a relaxed state, and open your mind to the beauty around you.  Simple private journaling will help you capture that peace and beauty and bring about the healing emotion of gratitude. 

Everything in this retreat is accessible.  Never done yoga?  That's totally okay. This is easy yoga that absolutely anyone can do.  We'll have props and blocks and blankets to support you and make you comfortable at every step.  Never journaled? No worries.  Write only what you want, and only share as much or as little as you're comfortable with.   Beginning knitter?  Perfect.  It's not about the project or your skills, but about the soothing rhythm of the needles.  

We hope you will leave the retreat feeling relaxed and refreshed, with a greater understanding of yoga, knitting, and journaling and how you can use these tools and access their benefits whenever you need them.   

MaryEllen Steveling is a certified Integral Yoga Hatha teacher.  She spent several months at the Ysodhara Ashram in British Columbia where she studied and was trained to teach Hidden Language of Hatha Yoga - Integrating yoga poses, insights, and journaling. MaryEllen has been an employee of Calvert Memorial Hospital for 15 years working with community wellness and integrative medicine.  Her current focus is on the Southern Maryland Meditation Community, of which she is the co-founder, 

Retreat fees include a vegan, gluten free lunch and a lovely artisanal journal