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Quaranskein Surprise

Quaranskein Surprise


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  • We are home for the time being, but that doesn’t mean we have to be miserable. Let’s make the best of this together and have some at home fun – I’ll help¬here’s how. I had planned a super fun event for Earth Day this month, with special Earth-day swag. You can’t come get them at the shop, but I can bring them to you, and here’s where I’m going to make it really fun! Give me two words to guide me, and I'll pull together a surprise package just for you. Each package will contain yarn, a pattern, and some fun swag with a total value more than you paid. 

    Be sure to check out the additional info on what I mean by warm an cool, and email me at ellen at with two words to guide me as I select your project. Honestly, I'm super excited about having the opportunity to do this for you! Thank you for putting your trust in me. 

    **Shout out to Lucinda at Canada's Mon Tricot for the fabulous Quaranskein name!

  • I had a question on Facebook about what I meant by the _Warm_ and _Cool_ product options, so I wanted to clarify that. For this purpose, Warm and Cool refer to the color tones you would like for this package. _Warm_ would be orange-reds, orange, peach, yellow greens, most browns, yellows, and the like. _Cool_ would be blues, purples, pinks, blue greens, and blue reds. If you ever had your colors done, Warm is typically what Autumns and Springs wear, while Cool is what Summers and Winters wear. In the color palette below, warm colors are on the left and cool colors are on the right.

  • For the most I am sending out brand new yarns from our spring and summer collection. If you chose warm because you want fall yarns, please let me know right away, and I will be happy to pull something cozy and warm from our fall winter 2019-2020 collection.

    If you are a newer knitter, I know that too and I have included the needles you will need for the pattern selected. If you are a long time customer and knitter, I have _not_ included needles, figuring that you already have more needles than you know what do do with, and I have opted instead to put that cost towards yarn and other goodies in your package. When you receive your package, if the needles you need are in another project (I'm sure that would never happen to me) I have needles on the website, and will be happy to send you whatever you need.

    And finally, I have included a pattern for the yarn in your package that I thought you would enjoy both knitting and wearing. You are by no means obligated to use that pattern for the yarn you receive. Please feel free to knit whatever you like with your Quaranskein yarn. Isn't that the best part about yarn - it can become whatever you choose!

    During this time that we must be apart, I am grateful for the opportunity to spend time thinking about you and choosing something special for you. Until we can all gather around the table again, be well, knit often, and create something beautiful.