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Shibui Twig

  • Earthy and textural, Twig is a wonderful year-round fiber. Because it is mostly linen and recycled silk, with just a touch of wool, Twig fabric is cool and comfortable to wear. It has a great deal of structure which allows it to hold its shape rathern than cling to your body, so it's especially nice in warm weather. In the skein, it seems a bit stiff and unapproachable, but trust me - once ou knit with Twig, it softens and bends like, well, a twig. Give it a warm bath, and it becomes even softer and more lovely. People are always surprised when I show them a washed and blocked swatch of Twig. I made Shellie Anderson's Triton DK with Twig, and honestly, it's one of my favorite things to wear.

    Like all Shibui yarns, Twig is great on its own, but also plays well with other Shibui fibers. I am a huge fan of Twig carried with Lunar. I did a Cocoknits Petra with the two fibers held together on a US 11 (8mm) as well as a tank top on a US 8 (5mm) Both fabrics were amazing.

    46% Linen
    42% Recycled Silk
    12% Wool

    190 / 174 m, 1.76 oz / 50 g


    22 sts = 4″ on US4 / 3.5 mm
  • Here's Gina and me each wearing my Triton DK This version of Lucia is fabulous worked in Cima and Silk Cloud

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