Stranded Knitting Class

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In this Stranded Knitting class you'll learn how to do stranded colorwork flat, which means working back and forth.  Many stranded projects are worked in the round so you only every have to learn to carry two different colors of yarn while you're knitting, But lots of patterns are worked flat which means you need to know how to handle the stranding on your purl stitches. It's not harder, it's just different, and that's why Ginni is teaching this class.  Well, that's part of the reason.  There's also a fabulous and exciting surprise project coming from Rowan later this month, and you will definitely need this skill if you want to participate - and trust me, you do!  

In addition to learning how to do stranded knitting flat, you will also learn how to read colorwork charts, which is a most excellent skill.

Class is Saturday, July, 29th at 9:30 am  

You will need two colors of Rowan Felted Tweed for this class.  You probably already have some in your stash, and if you don't you should!  

For success in this class, you must know how to

  • cast on
  • knit
  • purl
  • work stockinette stitch flat (going back and forth)
  • bind off

Bring your two colors of Felted Tweed, a US size 6 needle (or thereabouts) and