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Sweater Finishing Techniques
Sweater Finishing Techniques
Sweater Finishing Techniques

Sweater Finishing Techniques



Good finishing is the difference between a fine, hand-tailored sweater that makes people ask, "Wow, where did you get that sweater?" and one that makes them smile indulgently and say, "I see you've just taken up knitting."  The Devil is in the details, to be sure!  

In this class you will learn finishing from beginning to end.  You'll learn about blocking your sweater pieces, the order of construction, and how to weave in ends so that they are completely invisible on the front, and nearly invisible on the back.

You'll learn three different kinds of seams, and which to use where. You'll learn two different ways to join shoulders, how to set in a sleeve, and how to pick up stitches. And we'll show you the tricks we use in our garments that make finishing a breeze. 

You put so much time and effort in your knitting, don't let yourself and your garment down with poor finishing.  Empower yourself with the skill you need to give your knitted garments the finishing they deserve.

In this class you will work on practice swatches, so you do not need to have a garment in process or ready for seaming.  Please see the homework required for this class.

If you do have a garment to finish and you would like individualized help to finish it, sign up for the finishing workshop and we'll work through finishing your project together.