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            • January 27, 2020 The basics are not always basic
              The basics are not always basic he other day Andrea brought me a bag of fresh turnips.  I have never cooked turnips, so I consulted with my pal, Google, and went to the recommended a recipe site.  Above the recipes was a series of links to helpful videos, one of which was "How to salt water for boiling..."  Okay.  I remember learning that from my mother when I was fairly young.  She always said that the water you cook things in should taste good and told me the only way to really tell was to taste it myself.  A subjective approach, but quite effective, and  I still use that method for anything that gets cooked in water.  Certainly you could measure it out-- so many teaspoons per so much water or whatever, and I wondered which approach this video would take.  
            • January 20, 2020 Creativity is just play
              Creativity is just play I just finished reading The Starless Sea, by Erin Morgenstern. It was a little crazy, and a little confusing, but rich and full with lush romantic imagery. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Some stories began and ended. Others cropped up out of nowhere. Characters and themes moved between the stories, all tied together with bees and crowns and keys and owls.  As I said, a little confusing, so I creeped on the author and came across a review of the book by someone from Harvard.  Certainly, they know their stuff at Harvard, right? What did he think? Well... he hated it. No plot line, no character development, no dramatic tension, and so on. He cited an offending piece of prose, appalled that editors had not 
            • January 14, 2020 Just 10 minutes
              Just 10 minutes You have probably heard of The Whole Life Challenge. I may be only person on the planet who had not heard of this 6-week program that addresses nutrition, exercise, reflection and so on.  My son's company is big into fitness and well -being, and Rick, one of the owners, invited everyone in the company to participate at company expense.  Johnny continue
            • January 06, 2020 Every day is a new beginning
              Every day is a new beginning Happy New Year!  This first full week of 2020 is looking pretty good! Inventory done and everything ship shape and organized.  Even the shop's been rearranged for the new year.  It looks good‑I think you'll like it.  While I hate doing inventory, I'm always glad to have done inventory.  In fact, I'm tempted to do it more often just to get this feeling!  It makes me think about a conversation I had with my wonderful 

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