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      Triton Knitalong

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          by Andrea Mowry in Noro Kureyon

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          • May 13, 2019 It always seems impossible, until it's done
            It always seems impossible, until it's done

            Last week I had just cast on the front of a Triton sweater in dk weight yarn.   Tubular cast on, size 4 needles, 6 rows done -- a fairly time consuming effort, without much to show for it.  My husband saw it sitting on the table at breakfast.  "Pretty yarn, he said, what's it going to be?" 

            "A sweater," I answered.

            He sort of chuckled and said, "I guess you have to start somewhere."

            Yup.  We do. We have to start somewhere.  My husband knows I can and will

          • May 06, 2019 The price of perfection
            The price of perfection I talk a lot about how nice it is that we can go back and fix our knitting.  It's awesome that we can rip back as many times as we like, but there is a cost.  Depending on the nature of the yarn, how we knit, and how we rip there is wear and a certain amount of structural damage to the fiber.  You'll see it right away on fuzzy fabrics like mohair, and you'll see it plenty soon on softly spun fibers.  So, it's important to know whether the mistake you're going back to fix is worth going back and fixing.  If it's a glaring error that will prevent you from wearing the item, absolutely fix it.  Something that will impact the long term integrity of the fabric like a split stitch, by all means, fix it.  But if it's a little something that maybe only you can see -- probably better to just leave it, learn from it, and move on.  
          • April 29, 2019 What could hockey and knitting possibly share?
            What could hockey and knitting possibly share? When my friend selected Beartown for our book club and said it's about hockey, I was pretty sure I would hate it. I ordered it anyway, because that's what you do when you're in a book club.  You read the stupid book even though you know you'll hate it.  But sometimes you are wrong.  In tiny Beartown, on the outskirts of nowhere, there is an ice hockey club on which the town has pinned all of its hopes and dreams.  Through this fierce sport Frederik Backman dives deep into each character, pulling you in as he gently unfolds their world and their reason for needing hockey like they need air. Backman tells a powerful story
          • April 22, 2019 Why local yarn stores matter
            Why local yarn stores matter

            Saturday is Local Yarn Store Day, a day to visit and celebrate your local yarn store.  We have tons of fun things planned, from yarn tastings and trunk shows to new products and prizes all day.  and I invite you to come and see what's special for this day.  But first, why is LYS day even a thing?  I'm more than a little biased, but here's why local yarn stores matter.

            Obviously, with a local yarn store you have a chance to see and touch all the yarns in real life.  You can compare colors and hold the skein up to your face to see what best suits your complexion.  Instant gratification too.  See it, touch it, and walk out the door with it. Right. Now.  Get help, take a class, take a moment.  Your local yarn store is a place to come and a place to be.  It's a third place

            In his ground breaking book, 

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