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      • January 14, 2019 Your brain on knitting
        Your brain on knitting

        Sally Melville, is one wise woman. A pioneering knitwear designer, Sally's mantra is "knit what you wear and wear what you knit"  I love the way she teaches, the way she writes, and the way she thinks.  She spent a number of years at Canada's University of Waterloo teaching study skills and she has done some wonderful work on learning and remembering.  In studying how to study, one of the things she more

      • January 12, 2019 The Weekender
        The Weekender

        Sweater weather?  We've been saying it since October, but today it really is -- a cozy, curl up on the couch kind of day full of nothing but knitting and binge watching your favorite shows.  What you want right now is Andrea Mowry's gorgeous Weekender sweater.  If you're not already wearing it, this is more

      • January 07, 2019 The Celebrity
        The Celebrity

        I don't know any celebrities, and if I did, they probably wouldn't stay at my house, but I can imagine what it would be like if they did stay at my house.  High excitement and drama, plenty of glitz and glam, lavish over-the-top events, an endless array of rich food, too much alcohol, and a complete disconnect from the real world.  That's exactly how I see the holidays.  They are like my imaginary celebrity friend.  I can't wait till she gets here, am thrilled by the visit, and when it's time for her to go, I am ready to say goodbye.  The thrill of it all can be quite overwhelming, and I breath a deep sigh of relief as we take down the more

      • January 04, 2019 Taking stock of 2018
        A new year is all about taking stock. At the shop, we do it with inventory as we count each and every skein of yarn, bag, needle, and notion. It's a huge job that takes 8 people all day, and I'm always glad when it's over. As painful as inventory is, I'm always glad to have done it because an accurate count gives everyone a more

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