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            • November 11, 2019 Mode at Rowan--even better in real life
              Mode at Rowan--even better in real life Sometimes you just don't know how a thing is going to be until you see it. When the Mode at Rowan book came out, I was all about this blue cardigan.  Maybe it's just I am so entranced by the model, but honestly, I thought this was going to be the standout piece of the show.  It wasn't.  Looks great on her, as 
            • November 04, 2019 What makes you a real knitter?
              What makes you a real knitter? As I was scrolling through social media this weekend, a sponsored link popped up from Masterclass. Most ads annoy me, but there is something very compelling about these online classes. Maybe it's the rockstar artist types they have doing them - I mean, legit famous people ‑ world renowned experts in their field ‑teaching subjects not in the catalog of the most prestigious universities. Annie Lebovitz, Itzhak Perlman and Wolfgang Puck speak with such candor‑as if they are a close friend, right in the room with you sharing their authentic experience, helping you to explore and learn. It is honestly mesmerizing. One particular promo featured the novelist 
            • October 28, 2019 Knitting and modern domesticity
              Knitting and modern domesticity

              I recently listened to a podcast in which Trish Malcolm interviewed Cecelia Campochiaro, author of Sequence Knitting. Trish Malcolm often begins her interviews by asking her guest how they got into knitting. Campochiaro said that it was not her mother, but the mother of a friend who taught her to knit. Apparently Campochiaro's mother had been forced to major in home economics in college and bore deep resentment against domestic arts. 

              I can totally see that. Even activities we genuinely enjoy lose all their charm

            • October 21, 2019 Get outside your comfort zone
              Get outside your comfort zone

              My son, Colton, likes a girl at school. He'd like to ask her out for coffee or something but he is terrified.

              "This is so hard," he moans.

              "What's so hard?" I wonder, "Pick up the phone and call, I mean text and see if she'd like to get coffee." These are simple words, simple concepts.


              "Did you text her?"


              "Are you going to?"

              "Maybe. I dunno. Probably not"

              "Why not?"

              "What if she says no?"

              Aaah, the crux of the matter.  It's not hard to ask, but the fear of failure is something else entirely‑especially when you're 17.

              Not that it gets any easier at 27, or 57.  I guess by the time we're 97 we would be over it, but who knows.  

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