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          by Andrea Mowry in Noro Kureyon

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            • March 24, 2020 5 keys to happiness
              5 keys to happiness

              Such a strange and unprecedented time we are experiencing.  So much is unknown, and what we think we know changes daily. As I’m sure you have heard, Governor Hogan has closed non-essential Maryland businesses.  You and I probably consider yarn stores essential businesses, but sadly, the Governor does not, so Crazy for Ewe was officially closed to customers yesterday evening. While it’s frustrating more

            • March 17, 2020 Knitter's Quarantine Survival Guide
              As I said in yesterday’s newsletter, the specter of COVID-19 is upon us, and it is like nothing any of us have ever seen.  Frightened and unsure, we are worried for ourselves, our family, and our friends.  We are already practicing social distancing, and most of us had already self-quarantined to some extent, but.  yesterday’s message from Maryland Governor Hogan closing restaurants, bars, and gyms, and limiting religious and social gatherings to under 50 people, reminded us that, as he said, “We are not fooling around”.   It’s kind of scary, but it’s the right thing to do for ourselves and our fellow humans.  Kind of scary, I know, but we knitters have an advantage. more
            • March 16, 2020 Handling COVID-19 at Crazy for Ewe

              The COVID-19 is changing the landscape for all of us. Here at Crazy for Ewe, we are taking precautions to ensure that our space is clean and safe, being vigilant about washing hands, avoiding physical contact, and keeping a safe social distance. I took this selfie Sunday as Ginni and I spent the day together wiping and disinfecting tables, doors, handles, chairs, literally, every hard surface in the shop.

              As a small business, we are struggling to balance everyone’s health and safety, with our desire to serve and support our customers. To that end, we are remaining more

            • March 09, 2020 Our friend Ann
              Our friend Ann We lost a dear friend at Crazy for Ewe last week.  Sweet Ann Hoover passed away Wednesday morning.  For about as long as I can remember, Ann has been part of the shop.  Looking over years of pictures, I tried to remember exactly when I first met Ann, but I could not.  I cannot remember any particular day or event heralding her arrival at the shop.  She didn’t announcer herself. She wouldn’t have.   It wasn’t her way.  Ann was an unassuming woman, comfortable with more

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