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Comparison - thief of joy?

Theodore Roosevelt said, Comparison is the Thief of Joy.  I know what he meant when he said that.  It's so easy to look at other people's seemingly awesome lives, and be suddenly unhappy with our own awesome life.   It's especially hard with the carefully curated images on social media that seem to scream, "Hey look at all the fun I'm having that you're not."  So, obviously it's a total buzz kill to compare yourself against others in order to judge how much/how more

Physics and pockets - take 'em one step at a time

Take life one step at a time

As my son Colton was finishing up his physics homework at the kitchen counter Sunday morning, he said, "You know Mom, there are kids in my physics class who look at these problems - and well, the problems do look hard and complicated -- and it's overwhelming, and they just say screw it and don't do them. "  He added, "When you start doing the problems, they're not really more

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