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Selfish knitting?

Are you knitting or crocheting a gift for someone this holiday season?  If so, that's wonderful.  If feels so nice to give someone you love something you've created.  It's a little piece of yourself and your life that you've set aside especially for them.  If you're not knitting or crocheting gifts, that's fine too.  This time of year lots of customers confess with some guilt that they're "a selfish knitter."  I wish there were another term for those of us who knit more

Get a surprise you actually like

A big warm thank you to everyone who came out and shopped on Small Business Saturday.  It was wonderful to see you, and I so appreciate you coming out to support the shop.  It was an especially great weekend for me with all my kids home together.  It was especially nice to have my girls home for the holiday.  The rest of the year, I'm the only female in the house, so it was a fun time for some girl talk.  They're not really girls anymore read more

Winter Mystery Knitalong

The Winter 2017 Mystery Knitalong starts December 21st, first day of winter.  This is the shortest day of the year with only 9 and half hours between sunrise and sunset.  We thought this would be the perfect day to begin our mystery knit, shrouded in darkness and, well, mystery.  Plus, by this time, most of the rush of holiday planning, baking, shopping, etc, is probably done, and you'll be settling in or traveling off for the coziest time of the year read more

Happiness this Thanksgiving

The holidays are in full swing, as witnessed by the hoards of shoppers at Giant today.  Everyone had a full cart, but no one seemed particularly happy to be there.  It made me think about the concept of happiness -- that elusive feeling that so often seems just out of reach, just beyond our grasp.  I just watched a video by Google X's Chief Business Officer. Mo Gadawt, called, An Algorithm for Happiness.  In it, Gawdat describes happiness read more

Interchangeable Needle Test Drive

I always try to encourage newer knitters to invest in a set of interchangeable needles.  It's a difficult sell because they are a big investment up front, but given the fact that they save you 300% over the course of your knitting, they're a very smart buy.  I love my interchangeable needles.  As far as I'm concerned, they're the greatest invention read more

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