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Crazy for Ewe

Annie Modesitt Crochet Shrug

Okay, so it's been a month since any posts. Sorry. It's not that stuff hasn't been happening at the store - truth is that somehow my digital camera software isn't on my laptop anymore. No clue how it got wiped, and the worst of it is that I can't find the original CD either. I'm sure I put it in a safe place so we're unlikely to see it for some time. So, you'll just have to wait to see Duffy's prize-winning Clapotis, Carol's baby sweater, and the luscious new Silk Rhapsody from Artyarns. I promise this last will definitely be worth the wait.

In other news, the very talented MaryJo taught me to crochet - and you know, it's not too bad--kinda fun even - actually, I really liked it. I've always known that I ought to learn, but I needed the right motivation. And here it is:

This fabulous design from Annie Modesitt is a crocheted version of her popular Cocoon Shrug featured on the cover of Vogue Knitting last fall. We 'll be scheduling a class on this soon, so check your newsletter or the shop site. Annie's pattern's in the current issue of Interweave Crochet Spring 06 which has many other wonderful projects as well. Knitting will always be my one true love, but I'm itching for a little fling with crochet. Now, do I want mine in crisp white cotton, or in something pink? How about you?

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Wednesday Workshop

I just got in from Wednesday Workshop - what a fun time! An exceptionally pleasant and varied group of women - different ages, different careers, and different experiences - all brought together by their love of knitting - It was great. I don't know what made it so nice this evening - a little wine, a little chocolate, a few funny stories - just a good time altogether.

It almost made me forget that the shop is a mess as we try and find homes for all the new spring yarn. Tidori from Noro is gorgeous. Need to decide whether it wants to be a long-sleeved, neck-down sweater or cute little Sharon Stone sleeveless shell. Hmmm...maybe one of each.

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Softkid Tank with sequins complete

So, here's the top! I actually finished this in time for my daughter to weat to church Christmas Eve, but with the holidays and then inventory, I haven't had much time to post. Anyway, Elizabeth wore it Christmas Eve, and then I wore it New Year's Eve. I wouldn't have believed how soft this yarn is against your skin - and not the least bit see-through. Wonderful.

The pattern is from Rebecca #28. I knit the medium size on size 7 needles, and it only took 4 skeins, and not the 6 skeins the pattern indicates. I used nearly a whole skein of Berroco Lazer FX. 

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Tropical Storm upsilon???

Betsy stopped by today and told me that there's a new tropical storm brewing - upsilon. the weather been so bad that we've already run out of our own alphabet- good gravy. Maybe this means it will be a cold winter. If so, Tanya's all ready with her warm felted hat, and so will Bette's granddaughter.

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We said three hours, and we meant three hours

What a fabulous smile, Shelby - you are a joy.
We had our first holiday workshop Saturday. Shelby and Susan each finished an adorable hat. Shelby worked in Rowan's Biggy print.

Susan did this cute little number with earflaps in
Nashua Wooly Stripes. Aren't they both adorable! Susan's going to make a matching cowl, and I think some luckyperson is going to get a hat to match Shelby's. See you next week, when we get a look at Eden's wrist warmers...
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Annie Modesitt

What a great class we had Saturday! Annie Modesitt came down from New Jersey to teach 12 of us how to make the Cocoon Jacket on the Fall Vogue Knitting cover. Here's the original garment as designed in Artyarns Supermerino

Annie is a wonderful teacher who inspired confidence in each student.

Everyone swatched up their yarn selections and learned the twisted float stitch before moving into the actual garment. We learned how and where to place the armholes, how to do a provisional bind off, and how to best pick up stitches. It was pretty quiet for this usually rowdy bunch as they concentrated on the new techniques



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A little sparkle in our lives

Ever since this Soft Kid came in, I've wanted something out of it. Kathy found this from the summer issue of Rebecca - can't wait to get started. These sequins are too much by themselves, but nestled in with that mohair, they should be just right for this little holiday top. Size 7 needles, no sleeves, Thanksgiving weekend coming up - should be finished by the first of December!

The sequins on white thread would be terrific with either the cream or pink Soft Kid. Elegant...

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Good News

Women's health expert, Dr. Alice Domar validated two of my passions. On the top 10 list of fun ways to fend off hypertension. Number 1 is dark chocolate, and Number 2 is knitting! So the next time you buy yarn, just remind yourself that it's for your health. Here's a healthy gift idea-Godiva and cashmere.

Curious about the other 7 ways? Here they are

  • drink a soy latte
  • have mini meditation
  • hug your sweetie
  • eat something when you drink
  • add flaxseed to your diet
  • exercise
  • watch a funny movie
  • eat spinach and tomatoes

I pick chocolate and knitting

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