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Crazy for Ewe

Hurricane Ernesto. Warning - religious content

We had a great conversation about religion at coffee this Friday morning. It's never a good idea to discuss religion in a group of relative strangers, but this was a small group who knew each other pretty well. The talk centered more on personal experiences than on specific doctrine. It was interesting, and proved again that knitters are typically bright, well-educated, and respectful of others. It was great.

Then things got scary. The wind was really whipping around, and the rain was just pounding when Nellie asked Lynda if that spot on the ceiling was new. Hmmm. We've had little leaks before, but this spot on the acoustical tile was growing rapidly. And several others were joining it. Then more at the front of the shop. Then we noticed the drips running down the wall. Great.

So we started pulling stuff away from the walls, trying to find buckets, but there was no drip we couldidentify. Then the front corner ceiling tile collapsed into a soggy mess on the floor.
Several other tiles were swelling and cracking, but with the help of Lynda and Nellie, we got buckets, towels, and plastic over suspect areas. I was dreading Saturday morning.

So, when I came in, it was bad, but not as bad as I had imagined. Several more tiles had given way, but they'd landed where we'd anticipated, so they just smashed onto the carpet. It all made me think about hurricane Katrina. Here we are, mopping things up and fussing about damp carpet and lost ceiling tiles, and Katrinia victims still suffer from the complete and total loss of their homes, their schools, their businesses, and any sense of normalcy in their lives. Kinda puts things into perspective, doesn't it?

I ask God to keep me mindful and responsive to the needs of all His people now and always.

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Lace class follow-on

Lots of you have asked for the pattern that Lynn was using to make the goreous stole at the lace knitting class. It's a fairly simple pattern, based on the feather and fan, but made reversible with the addition of garter ridges. Here's the e-mail she sent with the pattern:

Please read through the ENTIRE set of instructions before you begin.

You'll need something in the neighborhood of 800 to 900 yards of yarn. Anything from laceweight to worsted can look lovely—though the heavier yarns make a snugglier wrap. I worked 17 repeats of the 17-row vertical pattern (instructions A through D, below), and did not add fringe.

The following instructions will produce the shawl I knit. If you want your wrap to be narrower, or wider, or shorter, or longer, you can change the number of 9-stitch horizontal stitch-pattern repeats, and/or the number of 17-row vertical repeats. Feel free to add fringe if you like it. You may need more or less yarn than I did if you make any of these changes.

Cast on 81 stitches. I like the cable cast-on, but use your favorite. Just be sure NOT to cast on TIGHTLY. A LOOSE cast-on is ESPECIALLY crucial for anything lacy that you're going to block. 

Work 6 rows of garter stitch (knit all stitches, all rows).
As you're working the sixth row of garter stitch, place a marker every 9 stitches. (Of course, you can put in the stitch markers any time you want. Put them in while you're casting on, if you like. That would help you keep track of how many stitches you'd cast on, without having to count and recount.)

Row 7 (Pattern Row. This is a right-side row.):
*Knit 2 together, knit 2, yarn over, knit 1, yarn over, knit 2, slip-slip-knit,** repeat from * to ** across the row (9 stitch repeat, 9 times).

Row 8:
Purl all stitches.

Work Rows 7 and 8 four more times, then work Row 7 once more (You've worked Row 7 a total of 6 times at this point.)

Work 6 rows of garter stitch.

Instructions A through D = 17 rows.

Repeat instructions A through D 16 more times.

Bind off loosely, weave in ends, and block as desired.

This shawl would be lovely in any of the new tonals we have in for fall.

Wouldn't it be a lovely baby blanket!

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Outside the lines

Last Saturday and Sunday we all started our Crayon Box Jackets. Christina showed us about hue, saturation, value, and all that good stuff.

then we got to work arranging our stash and new yarns into
a color pallet.  Lori' s jacket is full of rich earthy browns and blues.

MaryJo has warm red tones

Pat discovered that orange makes purples and plums pop

And I remain a confirmed believer that you can never have too much pink

We practiced picking up stitches, making mitered squares, and had a generally grand time. Thanks to everyone who shared the weekend with us.

Here are some more photos of the retreat.


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Crayon Box Jacket

Christina brought her completed Crayon Box Jacket by the shop Friday, so I'm newly inspired. When last we met, I'd done one sleeve

And one strip around the bottom plus a little more

Here's a close-up of the second row. I totally love the yarns, and am really looking forward to working on this. Just need to get Cate done so that I can wear it while it's still hot.

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The trip to Dunkirk

We drove up to northern Calvert County this morning - very pretty country with its rolling hills. That's what I miss most about Virginia - winding mountain roads and scenic overlooks. And little wineries too - I miss the little wineries tucked away in Virgina's Shenandoah Valley. Maryland is really coming along in that respect. When we went to Sotterly's Wine Fest last year, Bill said that it reminded him of Virginia's wine festivals 15 years ago when they were just getting started. We really need to go to that as well. October 1st for Virginia wine, and the 7th for Maryland. Calendar is marked.

So, on the drive up there I worked on Cate. Right front is two thirds finished. Back and sleeves should be a breeze - hardly any shaping at all. Did I mention how much I love Giotto ribbon? And Colinette in general...

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Wrap Style Trunk Show

Interweave's Wrap Style Trunk show arrived earlier this week - sorry for the late post.
MaryJo pulled the garments out and we played dress up for a while.

This is the Grand Plan top down capelet - any size, any gauge, very flattering. Any questions?

And here's Pat serene and graceful as ever...

here's the real Pat - Diva in Tapestry. This little capelet is so much prettier in person than in the photos. I have this garment available as a kit from Nicky Epstein in stock too!

A vision in lace and shells

and me in sleeves.

And there's much more too. We're lucky to be able to keep the trunk show through the end of this month, so be sure to come by and see everything for yourself.

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Debbie Bliss Pure Cashmere

The pure cashmere that I almost didn't order is here. Yes, that's right, I almost didn't order this beautiful yarn until I told Kathy about it. She said, "What??? $16 a skein for pure cashmere, and you didn't get it? Are you insane?". So we made a little visit to the Debbie Bliss booth at TNNA, and ordered two bags in every color. We met the wonderful Ms. Bliss herself, and saw the sample garments - even more beautiful than the pictures show. Here are a few of the colors. Fabulous stuff this.

And red, yes a stunning red. There are two great neutrals as well.

And here are a few of the fabulous projects you can make with just a few skeins. Something sweet for a little sweetie you know

Or something fabulous for yourself or a REALLY special friend - three skeins each (you can give you mom or sister a handknit cashmere scarf for under $50. And on size 7 needles, it wouldn't take you till December to finish it either...

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Manos del Uruguy

Look at what we got!

Here are a few of the gorgeous colors of Manos that arrived last week. We got multis and coordinating solids in really rich shades. Here's the perfect pattern for the Manos -- The Faith Jacket.

This is the one that you can make even if you've only ever knitted a scarf! See how gorgeous it is in the brown multi and solid.

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