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Crazy for Ewe

June mini retreat - Lace Knitting

How much fun can you have putting holes in your knitting? Well, we had a great time finding out. See!


Backyard Leaves is an absolutely beautiful, exquisitely challenging pattern.. Check out the focus and determination on everyone's face. Jenn focuses on her chart while Duffy and Lynda examine double decreases.

Veronika contemplates her chart and

Valerie assumes an angle of repose. Can you believe she's due next month! Sexy, smart, belly-dancing knitter. You go, girl!

And Lynn - your charm, wit, patience, and know-how was a pleasure.
Thanks so much for teaching this class.

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G-L-O-R-I-A Gloria


New project from Jane Ellison that I've been working on the sly. Very classic, simple shaping and

wonderful interplay of smooth merino and textured Noro. This shot is done with Silk Garden, but I can totally see this with Kureyon.

The back is done, and the fronts about halfway. I can really see this in Aurora 8 and For this version I'm using Aurora-8 and Silk Garden which has a bit of mohair and very subtle colors. I can easily see myself making several of these in assorted colors - they knit up relatively fast on an 8, and it's one of those you don't really have to think about.

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Got Camera??

Finally got software, camera, and laptop together in one place ! So, here are some fabulous FOs from long ago and from right now. First is Mary's Clapotis. Doesn't she just look ready for a croissant!

Next is one of the most challenging garments ever to have graced the shop. The lovely Ginny, knitter extraordinaire and her aran vest on size 1 needles with short rows. Drum roll please...

And here she is, sporting a most pleased expression. You're awesome, Ginni!

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Christina's microchip

This is Chip, Christina Allen's new friend. Attacked by an opposum when he was three days old, Christina has nursed him back to health, giving him physical therapy for a week and a half, and hand feeding him. Apparently his mother lost interest in him while he was recuperating, so now chip thinks Christina is his mom. She says he likes to sit in her shirt pocket as she goes about her daily chores. Isn't he adorable!

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New resolution

I have enough works in progress, so, I resolved recently that I will finish one WIP before I begin a new one. Then, as if to test my will, Himalaya Yarn's recycled sari silk arrived last week. I just couldn't wait to work with it. I figured that I've almost finished the ribbed ralan sweater (size 5 needles, long sleeves, ribbing, need I say more). And this is just one teeny additional project. What the heck...

And I'm so glad I did. I've almost finished Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton's Lotorp Bag in the recycled sari silk. I LOVE this pattern. LOVE. Such a clever and elegant construction! After I finish this one in the recycled silk, I'm going to do one in Kureyon and one in Iro. This is a great bag project. How about in Transitions?

So tomorrow, I'll knit the last 10 rows on the ribbed raglan sweater and sew it up. Maybe even wear it Tuesday. We'll see. Do you think I have to sew the ends in for it to count as a finished object?

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Big Bad Baby Blanket

Here's June's very first project - a blanket for her very first grandchild! June used two complementary colors of Artyarns supermerino, so not only is it spectacular looking, it's machine washable. Can't wait to see that new baby wrapped up in this.

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Very sweet top

I finished my sleeveless shell from Sally Melville's The Purl Stitch last night. Giotto is wonderful knitted on a large needle, but after this top, I think I like it even better on an 8 - what a fabulous plushy fabric it makes!  I can see myself making this in lots of different yarns.   

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Only in a small town

Our little town of Leonardtown celebrates Earth Day every year on the square. After yesterday's thunderstorm and the menacing forecast for today, we feared a total washout. But it didn't rain. In fact, it was glorious. The streets were blocked off, and we had an old-fashioned festival with Celtic dancing from the Thistle Dancers, live bagpiping, and fun activities for kids.

The shop was open, and the Chesapeake Spinners brought their wheels and spun in the sunshine outside the shop. In the shop we had some regulars who came to hang out plus lots of folks who'd never been in before. It was great. Last year we didn't get much traffic, so I'd sort of figured I'd work on my Lady Eleanor, but didn't make a single stitch.  It was terrific to see everyone who came out today, and I have all of tonight to knit.

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Annie Modesitt Crochet Shrug

Okay, so it's been a month since any posts. Sorry. It's not that stuff hasn't been happening at the store - truth is that somehow my digital camera software isn't on my laptop anymore. No clue how it got wiped, and the worst of it is that I can't find the original CD either. I'm sure I put it in a safe place so we're unlikely to see it for some time. So, you'll just have to wait to see Duffy's prize-winning Clapotis, Carol's baby sweater, and the luscious new Silk Rhapsody from Artyarns. I promise this last will definitely be worth the wait.

In other news, the very talented MaryJo taught me to crochet - and you know, it's not too bad--kinda fun even - actually, I really liked it. I've always known that I ought to learn, but I needed the right motivation. And here it is:

This fabulous design from Annie Modesitt is a crocheted version of her popular Cocoon Shrug featured on the cover of Vogue Knitting last fall. We 'll be scheduling a class on this soon, so check your newsletter or the shop site. Annie's pattern's in the current issue of Interweave Crochet Spring 06 which has many other wonderful projects as well. Knitting will always be my one true love, but I'm itching for a little fling with crochet. Now, do I want mine in crisp white cotton, or in something pink? How about you?

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Wednesday Workshop

I just got in from Wednesday Workshop - what a fun time! An exceptionally pleasant and varied group of women - different ages, different careers, and different experiences - all brought together by their love of knitting - It was great. I don't know what made it so nice this evening - a little wine, a little chocolate, a few funny stories - just a good time altogether.

It almost made me forget that the shop is a mess as we try and find homes for all the new spring yarn. Tidori from Noro is gorgeous. Need to decide whether it wants to be a long-sleeved, neck-down sweater or cute little Sharon Stone sleeveless shell. Hmmm...maybe one of each.

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