Crazy for Ewe
Preserving the story to inspire and empower

This past weekend I attended the biennial conference of the National Society of the Colonial Dames of America, an organization with the motto Entrusted with History's Future.  Our mission is to protect and preserve the homes, collections and artifacts of the men and women who labored to bring forth our nation.  Over the years, the some of details of their lives have been lost, and we read only of their great deeds through the history books that clothe them in glory to inspire future generations.  What we really need, however, are their stories, the more

Berroco Brielle

This Sunday is your last chance to see the beautiful Berroco Brielle Trunk Show,, and I really hope you do. Things always look so different knit up, even in a swatch, and when you have garments, that's a real bonus. 

Brielle is a sophisticated fiber - a cotton base with a subtle rayon shimmer more

Comparison - thief of joy?

Theodore Roosevelt said, Comparison is the Thief of Joy.  I know what he meant when he said that.  It's so easy to look at other people's seemingly awesome lives, and be suddenly unhappy with our own awesome life.   It's especially hard with the carefully curated images on social media that seem to scream, "Hey look at all the fun I'm having that you're not."  So, obviously it's a total buzz kill to compare yourself against others in order to judge how much/how more

Five reasons to love the Cocoknits Method

We've had several classes on the Cocoknits Method, and everyone has been very happy with their sweaters.  It's a great method, and a fun class with some new techniques to learn, as well as innovative applications of a lot of the skills you already have. It's not hard, but it is new, and this full-day class will take you more