Crazy for Ewe
Without Judgment

The other day I was in Kelly's Yoga Barre class at SPICE.  At the end of class, after stretching, we all lie down and close our eyes for shavasana, or corpse pose.  Aptly named, because after Kelly's classes, I am pretty much dead.  Kidding, not kidding.  Anyway, while we lie there, awake but fully relaxed, Kelly gives us some gentle suggestions on how to breathe and how to focus.  The other day she said, "Notice, without judgment, more


Our featured yarn this week is Berroco Quechua, a beautiful sport weight blend of merino, baby alpaca, and yak.  It's a lightweight fabric with a soft 2-ply construction that shows off your stitches without being heavy.  It would make a great Featherweight Cardigan, or a stunning shawl, such as Lockett. 

Designed especially for two colors of Quechua, Lockett features a fun shell more

It looks simple enough in the picture

Back in the day when I was foolishly enrolled in engineering school, I remember preparing for my first electrical science lab.  Not my favorite thing, but I'd prepared, and I knew exactly what was going on. I understood the diagrams in my text book, I knew how to set up the resistors, and I knew how to calculate the current across the parallel circuit.  All I had to do was go into the lab and actually do it. No sweat, right? So, I go into the lab expecting to see this more