May 01, 2016 2 min read

The Ripple from Tahki Stacy Charles is coming next week.  I cannot wait.  You probably saw in last week's newsletter that we're doing a class on Remsen, a stunning twist front top that flatters every figure.  Stacy and I were talking about Remsen, and he said that he would also pull together a trunk show of other garments featuring Ripple.  I checked on Ravelry to see the garments he was sending, and they all looked nice.

It's really hard to capture the beauty of hand knits in a photograph.  As I said, the garments on Ravelry looked nice.  So, I was expecting nice.  What arrived was so much more than nice.  It was fabulous.  I was blown away by how beautiful the garments in the trunk show actually are.  The fabric you can create with Ripple is just amazing -- light and textural and lovely.  I can see why Eileen Fisher bought it for her spring line too. 

Here are a few highlights.

The Philadelphia Duster is a long open cardigan with a deep pleat in the back that gives it a very flattering silhouette.  

Ginni and I both tried on and liked the Boston Pullover

This simple three quarter sleeved pullover has a contrasting stripe up the sleeve and at the neckline.  Really smart and comfortable -- good length on both the body and the sleeve. I like our sample which is worked in the cream colored Ripple.  

 Another fun one is Post Card.

It's worked by picking up stitches log-cabin style, so you don't have to seam all those little pieces.  It's a fun garment.  We all agreed that maybe the sleeves could be a little longer, but a playful knit.  

There are several others, but these are my favorites.  Come see the garments - try them on pick up your favorite colors of Ripple before it's sold out again!  

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