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Going to TNNA this Saturday

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Going to TNNA this Saturday

The shop will be closed this weekend while Ginni, Mary, Antonella and I are at TNNA.  TNNA is the national trade show for all things yarn.  Distributors, manufacturers, and designers bring their new stuff to dazzle shop owners.  And dazzle us they do.  Each company's booth overflows with yarn, sample garments and more.  The larger companies have huge spaces some stretching across 8 or 10 booths. 

Their displays are like static fashion shows creating a particular mood and highlighting their fashion story for the season.  I always like to see what's glittering at Tahki Stacy Charles and Prism Yarns.  Smaller companies with single booths manage to create unique and inviting spaces with a carefully branded color scheme and tiny treats to lure us in.


At TNNA we get to talk with the industry professionals.  We can hear directly from Warren Wheelock at Berroco about a particular fiber blend, or from Louisa Harding about design inspirations.  Face to face, you can make a connection, and that's really important to me.  At TNNA I like to find ways to collaborate and make plans together - fun things for you like the visit to Stacy Charles' facility at our retreat this year!  We'll be on the lookout for other great opportunities to share with you. 

TNNA is also the place that we identify trends.  It's overwhelming to try and take in everything that everyone is offering, but it's also the way to see what's happening overall.  If all the vendors are showing a particular weight of yarn or color, or a particular style of garment, we take note.  Those trends would be much harder to spot by looking only at yarns and patterns from the reps I see in the shop.  Trend-spotting is more than just fun -- it's important to us as a shop, and to you as a customer.  My vision for Crazy for Ewe back in 2004 was to find the yarns, designs, and trends that you would see in much larger metropolitan areas, and bring them here to you.  So, remember that we're closed this Saturday, June 11, while we look for new things to thrill and delight you.  I can't wait to share with you what we find this weekend!   

I look forward to seeing you in the shop and around the table - you are always welcome here!


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