Summer Breeze for Mother's Day

May 06, 2015 1 min read

It's Mother's Day this weekend - have you picked out something special for your mom?  Or maybe you'd like to make gift giving easy on your kids.   Either way, we have a terrific idea for a great gift - or a nice treat for yourself -- the Summer Breezes Wrap Kit designed by Ginni Stein. 

Summer Breezes has a great fabric that uses two yarns, each with a subtle color shift,to create a fabric that has movement and energy.

The wrap is light and airy, but the yarns' earthy textures keep it grounded and not overly delicate.  Long fringe gives it a playful finish. 

Worked on a size 8 needle Summer Breezes is a snap to knit.  The fabric is mainly stockinette, but Ginni has cleverly written the pattern so you never have to purl!

We've put together three colorways for Chocolate Strawberry, Mango, and Pistachio.  Come choose your favorite and surprise Mom with a lovely new project - or just share this post with someone you wish would get one for you!  Kit is $49 with pattern. 

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