ZickZack party

June 10, 2015 1 min read

Mary is zipping through her ZickZack.  You know how some projects plod along?  Not this one - it's totally addictive.  Ever-changing colors and unpredictable combinations make it fun and exciting to knit.  Even if you use the same two colorways, no two ZickZacks will be the same because each set of skeins interacts differently.  It's small enough to be a purse project -- whip it out and knit a few rows whenever you're sitting and waiting. The pattern is super easy.  Two rows and you've got it memorized.  Mille Colori Baby is beautifully soft and feels so good in your hands you just want to knit and knit!  

The stitch pattern is completely reversible, so it's beautiful on both sides.  It's easy to modify too -  make it skinnier or wider in multiples of 12 stitches.  You could even make an amazing baby blanket, because Mille Colori Baby is machine washable!  Gotta love that too. 

Join us this Thursday at 4 p.m. for a ZickZack Knitalong kick-off party because you'll love ZickZack.  

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