Marvelous Mittens

August 13, 2015 1 min read

Mittens are a terrific little project - small, portable, and full of learning opportunities. This particular pattern is really a gauntlet with a flared cuff that transitions into ribbing around the wrist.  That cuff is not only attractive but functional.  The flare helps block cold air from going up your coat sleeve, so you stay nice and toasty

The pattern is written for lots of sizes, so you can work a pair for every member of your family.  It's also ambidextrous, so either mitten fits either hand.  I often knit mittens in sets of three, just in case one gets lost, which it almost always does! 

This is a fun class - two sessions, and you can easily finish the pair in that time.  This class is a great introduction to lots of useful skills including knitting in the round in a small circumference, paired increases, paired decreases, picking up stitches, and more. 

We'll be using a beautiful new worsted blend of merino, alpaca, and silk.  Very cozy and soft.  Sign up here, because it's going to be a very cold winter!  

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