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  • Luxurious fibers for Spring 2016
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Luxurious fibers for Spring 2016

Yesterday it was 60 outside - today, barely out of the 30s.  I hear some of you cheering the cold so you can wear your cozy sweaters, and others are ready for spring even though we really haven't had much winter.  Whether you're team cold or team warm knitting for spring is like planting bulbs.  You won't enjoy them for weeks and weeks, but just knowing they're growing in the ground is a comfort.  

Spring knitting is interesting.  The fibers need to be a bit cozy, but the colors fresh.  Nuna is a beautiful example of a great spring fiber.  This sport weight yarn is a luxurious blend of 40% silk, 40% wool and 20% bamboo.  It has a silky hand and makes a soft fabric with great drape.  It's great in fluid designs like Cloud Cover by Heidi Kirrmmaier, or in this vest by Julie Weisenberger for Wool People.

Another beautiful spring fiber we're loving is Corsica, a dk weight cotton with a just enough cashmere to make it cozy.  Corsica has beautiful stitch definition and a soft hand.   The crochet class is loving it in the Tucker Cardigan, and I am totally smitten with Lavandin.  We have a trunk show featuring all the designs for Corsica later this month, and we're planning a Lavandin knitalong in February.  

Remember though, spring is still more than two months away, and while we may have some warmish days, the nights ard chilly, and we probably have at least one major snow ahead of us!  So, you should join us for the beautiful Noro afghan knitalong we're starting this month.  I've been working on mine, and it is so much fun.  I have several strips going at once - each in a basket strategically placed around my house - so that wherever I am, I can take a break and whip out a few rows.  I got so much done watching the games Sunday and last night.  It seems to keep me calm even when my team is in trouble.  Poor Washington...

I look forward to seeing you in the shop and around the table.  You are always welcome here.

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  • Ellen Lewis

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