Live to you from TNNA

June 04, 2007 1 min read

Kathy and I are here at TNNA having fun choosing wonderful new stuff for you. We're especially excited about some absolutely fabulous little bags from Lantern Moon. These first two are small and wide to accommodate your project and needles in high style.

This little round silk gem is ideal for, you guessed it, your elegant socks!!

We've had fun bumping into the knitting glitterati like Debbie Bliss and Jane Ellison. We've engaged Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton (designer of the Klaralund) to come to Leonardtown next fall. We're staying at the same hotel with our favorite Sally Melville and we've spent a lot of time choosing colors of Princess cashmere angora blend because it seems we'll both be using it a lot next season. And to top of the evening, we rode up in the elevator with the ever chic Chris Bylsma, wearing her favorite summer sweater, Chutes and Ladders. This is going to be a project for us this July.

Can't wait to be back and see everyone again - we miss you!

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