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  • News from Kathy and another FO

    August 09, 2007 3 min read

    Here's the latest from Kathy:

    I got invited to go swimming at the Embassy. I think I will take up the offer. The only thing is that you have to have a really good reason to go over there. I am working on that. (You have to helo or convoy over there) At this point I'm all over it. The trailer across from mine burned down last night, so I had no ac at home either. I was pretty pissed off. Bear in mind that the air where I work in a big ballroom with about 200 other people has been broken and three out of four generators have blown over the past week. That makes it about 100 degrees inside, 130 outside.... Did I tell you the saga of the fans? If not I'll cut and paste from whoever I did tell. I can't take the heat: 130. The water wasn't delivered to the palace in the morning so we couldn't use the bathrooms either. My palace is the low rent one with falling marble roof tiles. (There are signs "beware of falling tiles) I'm hoping they will give me one as a parting gift. So here goes: Here is serialized adventures: Last night the sky was actually dark dark green --either romantic or eerie depending if you are home having fun at home or stuck in this Place working with no air conditioning yet again. Today it was about 100 in here and the Aussies took pity on me (and wanted an end to my ceaseless whining) and went to some Aussie house (sounds like a reality show) and got my row a giant fan blowing at about 20 knots. Totally changed my outlook on life. I think I have been giggling since them. It's the little things ... Or maybe it's the @#$%y things. I have had three cookies today, and have started to adjust my meals to keep the caloric intake even. I really don't NEED leafy green vegetables. Meat -- what's that for? But cookies and ice cream make me happy. Just like drugs. I was over at the Al Faw Palace at some intro to MNFI course that went from 8-5, but then I came in to work. Why not? Its my Puritan work ethic, or flashbacks to junior high peer pressure. Next I'll say like and you know and whatever. Could it be yet more of the same tomorrow? After the trailer across from mine burned down: I bet it was some idiot with a need for lots of electric gizmos or a contractor smoking in bed, which I am sure means we'll all get a visit from the fire marshall; joy and wonder. Actually my husband was giving me a hard time about my lack of effort at the gym ( I just go and ride the bike on level one or two ) it's like a day at the beach. This morning I was pretty grumpy so I actually ran on the treadmill. It felt ok, but there are full length mirrors in front of the treadmills so I busied myself looking everywhere but at myself--and then started to laugh when I saw myself. I was a sight. Sadly it was cooler outside and in the gym than in my hooch. KBR is avoiding me. In a former life (when I worked in the women's prison known as the NoPF Whidbey Island) I was command disaster officer. Nothing like putting a base on a major fault line. What does that have to do with anything? I am prepared and everyday I learn that it could be worse. Actually its not so bad. (I missed lunch and dinner yesterday because we were working on a deadline with about eight new tasks thrown at us) I think I either get a gold star for today or some ice cream. But enough whining. The fan situation has lifted my spirits. After I gave my really big fan back to the aussies (and I gave them some cake too-- My ssgt's birthday (24) was yesterday, decorated her cake with skittles--I can be busy and still hold a party)I got their little fan and now its blowing directly on me. No one else. Sorry. Bitch and you lose. How's that for attitude. I couldn't make this up. The cause of the fire was incense being burned by a contractor. Now I only know two reasons for burning of them is going to cause me even more pain if they do a search of everybody's trailers for contraband. I don't have anything of course, but what an inconvenience. ARRG.

    And under the Finished Object heading, we have Lauren modeling her mom's Helene cardigan from White Lies Designs.

    This one was worked in Berroco Love-It in that beautiful shell pink. Nice job, Robin.

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