New yarn from Elsebeth Lavold is in

August 01, 2008 1 min read

Two giant boxes arrived today - first was a few new colors of Hempathy - a classic navy and that beautiful golden yellow that we have in the models at both shops.

As well as this smart little cardi which would be perfect in either the Hempathy or the spectacular, Bambool. In case you havent' seen Bambool, it's everything you love about bamboo (soft, drapey. smooth, and lustrous) with 20% wool to give body, eliminate splitting, and provide just enough structure and hand. I LOVE this yarn - it is the perfect transitional fiber.

We also received lots of new colors of Silky Wool which works at the same gauge and is featured in such spectacular designs as this
We also received Calm Wool, a brand new yarn designed by Elsebeth Lavold that combines luxurious camel hair with merino. It knits at a heavy worsted gauge and would be perfect for either of these two designs.

More on this fiber later, as I can't wait to start swatching it!

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