Crayon Box class

July 14, 2008 1 min read

What a day! This was such a great class - everyone had a great time, learned a lot, and got on track with when to decrease, when to change yarns, and how to let go and have fun - and boy did we - just take a look:

Catherine and Ann hard at work

Sara in a glory of purple

Martha helps Liz count rows

Amanda takes careful notes - hers is a beautiful red palette
Linda decided to take Chris Bylsma's advice and go with the color that makes you swoon - Blue for Linda, of course
Susan takes a moment to help explain the rules to Amanda
Everyone had a great collection of colors. Most began with a coordinated starter kit and added stash from home.

Catherine's beautiful green and lavender

Duffy's exotic jewel-tone mix
And Susan's blue-green selection
Ann has warm orange and complementary red-purple - a very exciting mix.

Even I started a new Crayon Box Jacket too. You'll be very surprised at my palette!

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