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Circular Shrug Class

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Shelly wanted something fairly easy for Cindy, Sheila, and Joan's first project together, so we chose this adorable shrug from Peony Knits. Based on a design from Urban Outfitters, this shrug is easy to knit and totally customizable. I found it on Ravelry where some 300 other people are making it too. It was amazing to see all the different looks you could get with just a few mods. Plus any yarn will work because you design it on the fly based on your gauge.

Sheila chose Texas Bighorn in the Hesper colorway

Cindy chose a gorgeous colorway of Silk Garden

and Shelly decided to work the ribbing in Noro Taiyo (kind of a cotton Kureyon) and the body in black cotton - but we both decided to add a leaf panel up the back as Ravelery, Mrs. K had done.

Joan was late, so we didn't get a photo of her this time, but we'll get you next time, Joan. Don't say I didn't warn you...

I've had a mild obsession with this mulberry colored Sublime, so I picked that for my shrug, which you can see here.

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