My own February Lady: Week 1

October 27, 2008 1 min read

Week 1: knit the yoke. Okay, here we are. I started with the Leonardtown group on October 18th, so by this past Saturday, the 25th, I should have had the yoke all done. As of last night, Sunday, October 26th, I had completed all the raglan increases and the non-eyelet increases. I only have two buttonholes worked, but I think I'm ready to work the final one. You know, this would have gone much faster except for having to count two hundred and some stitiches every other row.
The pattern says to continue in garter stitch until the sleeve stitches almost meet under my arms. This should be interesting. I guess I'll stip it onto a piece of spare yarn and see. Ginni is way ahead of me, of course. And MaryJo? Hers is probably already done.

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