Hey Teach

February 23, 2009 1 min read

I wrote about this pattern in the newsletter because it really has been on my mind. I pulled the off-white, because I just love the lacy cardigan Elizabeth did last year. It’s a great sweater to toss on over whatever you’re wearing this spring and then in the summer when the air conditioning does its job a little too well.

This pattern lends itself to lots of little adjustments. For mine, I plan to lengthen the lacy sleeves as many on Ravelry have already done.If you're busty, you could make the lace portion longer in the front, easing the extra fabric in on the side. You can lengthen the overall garment for a long, graceful effect, or you could shorten the bottom portion for a youthful, cropped look that even my uber-fussy Katie would wear.

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