Finishing the Key West

June 01, 2009 1 min read

We started adding the plaid to our Key West Jackets in the La Plata class Saturday. Nancy had used the the blue Bambool as her main color, Giotto as her contrast color, and lime Bambool as her accent. The Giotto has blue, lime, pink and turquoise in it, so it was a great effect.

Pat, interestingly enough, chose the exact same main and accent colors, but selected Castello in blue, green, and gold for her contrast colors. It's amazing how different the two sweaters came out just by changing the contrast yarn.

Carole used Pure Pima in cream for her main color, and Seduce in neutral shades for her contrast color. She had orginally chosen a ginger shade of Pure Pima for her accent color, but then Martha laid a skein of gold Lumina on the table...that little bit of sparkle was perfect! Now - what to use for the tank?

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