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Another cute guy with yarn

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Lots of you commented on how much you enjoyed seeing the photo of Thomas and the yarn cards the other day, so I decided to share this photo I took of David Rahn when he was here a month or so ago. The first time David was in the shop, my daughter Katie was there. David and I were chatting about various things, and David showed me a photo of his son who was getting ready to go off to college. Katie was blown away that he had a grown son - "Wait," she said, "like, how old are you?" She really made his day when she told him she thought he was about thirty! He is kinda cute, and he certainly has a way with the ladies - especially the really young ones. See--

David represents some really great lines: Noro, Sublime, Debbie Bliss, as well as Araucania and a couple of others. I placed a HUGE order with him, and some of them have already started to arrive - Here is a big swatch of the he new Noro chunky tonal yarn called Retro as well as color cards. I loved it so much that I ordered all the colors! Can't wait for this one to arrive!

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