Yarn store time

August 19, 2009 2 min read

Monday of this week I spend the day at Ikea. My goal was to pick up three bookcases for the new space in La Plata. I was only there a few minutes when I looked at my watch and realized that hours and hours had passed. It was like time travel - or being in the yarn shop. There's no way to know how long you've been there because you are so overwhelmed and so totally absorbed with the endless possibilities that the materials present. I did manage to pick up one large and two smaller bookcases, three new mirrors, some small collabsible boxes, a whisk broom, and a picture frame. Uh, and three chocolate bars - they just jumped into my cart. It's good that I didn't get anything more, because my van was packed totally full. I drove to the new La Plata shop space and waited while my DH aka Prince Charming arrived to help me haul that stuff out of the car. when I finally got home it was late, the kids were hungry, I was exhausted, and Dorey had just eaten one of my favorite shoes. I was NOT in a good fram of mind to write the newsletter for you, my favorite people. So I made dinner, ate ice cream, and went to bed.

Today we had tons of people, old and new, in the Leonardtown shop to re-energize me, so the newsletter is now out. I hope you enjoy it.

Tomorrow (or later today, that is) I'll post some photos from the Fusion knit-along today. Sarah is finished except for the applied I-cord. Yeah, Sarah, you're amazing.

The La Plata move is scheduled for late this month. Please check the blog regularly for the dates that we'll be closed while we get our new space squared away. Can't wait!

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